MotorEx 2022 unveil preview

24 stunners are set to be unveiled at Meguiar's MotorEx this weekend. Let's have a sneak peek


After a few false starts, Australia’s biggest indoor show for modified cars is set to take over Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend.

With over two years since the last Meguiar’s MotorEx, it is looking like being a big show. And that will include the unveils on Saturday morning.

Even though we had 17 high-end unveils at Street Machine Summernats 34, there are going to be even more of them at MotorEx – 24 of ’em!

We’ll bring you all the details right here on Saturday, but for now let’s have a sneak peek at just a few of the builds we’re looking forward to.

Twin turbo V10-powered XP

Paul Tinning hails from Darwin and has been plugging away at this insane XP Falcon coupe for a while now at his Resto Shop biz.

The specs list is interesting reading, especially when you learn that the XP is going to be street registered! The engine is a Dodge Viper V10, aided and abetted by a couple of symmetrical NRE turbos and a Haltech NEXUS R5, backed by a sequentially-shifted Tremec six-speed.

Underneath is a chassis to match, complete with a Rod Tech front end and McDonald Brothers four link.

Body wise, the firewall has been pushed back a ways to accomodate the V10, the front sheet metal is a one-piece slide off deal, plus reworked bonnet and boot openings with heaps more.

Datsun 1200 ute

When you think of cars built at Shane Rowe’s Southern Rod and Custom facility in Shepparton, the first things that comes to mind are probably heavy-hitting shoebox Chevs, high-end muscle cars and sleek Caddys.

But apart from its diminuative size, Matthew Orsida’s Datto has all the hallmarks of a SR&C build, including incredible detail and stacks of innovation throughout. The interior will be something special and includes a full carbon fibre dash.

And she’ll be fast, too. Word is that the little ute is powered by a stick-shifted SR20 four pot that previously ran high-eights in a Silvia. Would be cool to see it in action on the dyno!

1973 KE36 Corolla

Michael Ellard and the Image Conversions crew have built some pretty trick cars over the last decade or so, including the Barker family’s SPCLFX and Michael’s own Holden Rodeo.

They guys will have three cars at MotorEx this year, including this killer Corolla van.

While it won’t be quite as toey as the Datto, the van should get along pretty swiftly, thanks to a turbocharged Toyota ‘black top’ BEAMS 3SGTE swap.

“It’s just my side project,” says Michael. “Not a show car, just a budget build to hammer around in.”


Other cars we’re looking forward to seeing include George Anthony’s Mustang (yep, the guy that orginally built this iconic Falcon back in the day), a ’33 tudor out of Deluxe Rod Shop, an absolutely bonkers HG Brougham from QLD wild man, Peter Sauer and Wayne Price’s incredible HK Monaro GTS .

And while it isn’t an unveil car, we can’t wait to see Dean Prodger’s incredbile resto of John Taverna’s iconic HK Monaro drag car, The Grot.

For tickets, check out the MotorEx website here.