Grays auction watch: HK GTS Monaro, big-block Mach 1 Mustang, race-ready Ferrari and more

There’s a nice spread of cool metal going under the hammer this week


Our good mates at Grays have listed another batch of cars for their weekly classic auction, with something to suit just about any taste and budget. Here’s a few of our top picks!

Aside from the EB GT, an ED XR8 Sprint like this was about the hottest Falcon you could’ve jagged from a Ford dealer in the mid-90s, and if you ask us it’s aged a lot more gracefully than its body-kitted counterpart, too!

This particular car gets points for being a factory black, manual example with a sunroof, and there’s a reasonable 209,000km on the clock. 192kW from the 5.0 Windsor isn’t flash by today’s standards, but gee, would it sound good with a bit of exhaust fiddling!

From the narrowed rear end to the Grant tiller and rad 80s stripes, this Galaxie Starliner has all the makings of a killer race car with your choice of mill up front – preferably something making full use of the bonnet cut-out.

No reserve makes it all the sweeter.

Yeah, it’s not really Street Machine’s bread and butter, but we wouldn’t be mad if this aero’d Ferrari 488 Challenge track car snuck onto our trailer.

Track cameras, VBOX data logging, race seats, and a fresh brake set-up make the turbo V8 pretty much ready to cut some hot laps.

Details on this HK Monaro are a bit scant, but the Chev powerplant, bottle of giggle gas in the boot, and third pedal speak for themselves.

It’s still well off its reserve with a current bit of $55,000, so it’ll likely be a big-dollar proposition.

This left-hook ’69 Mustang started life as a Mach 1 with 351 Windsor power, but now packs a 460-cube big block and C6 auto combo.

Included are receipts for a recent engine and transmission rebuild, and according to the vendor it’s done just 250km since the freshen-up. A black interior and set of Welds make it a tough streeter with plenty of poke.

Here’s a Ecotec 3.8-powered VS Calais ready to become a classy daily driver, first project, or even something akin to our own Supermang with a spot of forced induction on top.

Bidding is a hair over $5000 at the time of writing, and with no reserve it could be a solid way into an almost 30-year-old chunk of Aussie history.

For something likely to be a bit cheaper but still oozing with potential in the right hands, check out this freshly painted ’64 Anglia!

While there’s a tidy-looking Cortina 1600 mill up front, we reckon it’s crying out for Hayabusa power to give the Cortina brakes a good workout. Who’s game?

There’s plenty more on-site, so click here to check it out!