Grays Online first classic auction of the year preview – Carnage Plus

Scotty checks out some classic cars up for auction at Grays Online


THE guys at Grays Online – the auctioneers that sell thousands of cars every week – now hold a classic car auction once a month and there are always plenty of goodies up for grabs. We actually bought our Mr. Dodgey Phoenix Carnage project from Grays for a steal! So whenever they have a classic auction, Scotty can’t help himself but have a browse for the next potential Carnage build.

 Granted, a lot of the cars are far too good for us to cut up – which is probably a good thing, but that hasn’t stopped Scotty from swooning over this VP ute! Complete with a 5.0-litre V8 that we could stick into something else, Scotty is frothing at the mouth at the idea of sticking a turbo LS motor in this beaut ute! Telfo has other ideas though so I reckon we might pass this one up.

 There are a couple of later model Falcons up for grabs – an un-modified F6 and a Boss 260 XR8 which would make nice weekend cruisers or a cool daily. If old school is more your vibe, it might be easy to walk past the HQ wagon up for auction, until you see the brand-new small-block Chev under the bonnet!

 There are also a couple of eighties Chev pick-up trucks – one small step-side and one big jacked-up long bed which would make an awesome retro tow rig. And if all of that wasn’t enough to get you to click on the video, Scotty also tries a tiny little Fiat Bambino on for size. Click here to check out all of the cars up for auction.