Auction watch: Tough VN SS, XW GT tribute, Integra Type R and more!

We check out what’s on offer at this week’s Grays classic car auction


Friday means it’s time to browse the weekly Grays classic car auction! We’ve picked out some of our favourites that we reckon are worth keeping an eye on.

All these cars and more are live and open for bidding right now, so check out the full range here.

First is this HDT-mockup VK Commodore; it’s an original 4.9 V8 car that’s being offered with no reserve. Fitted with all the correct HDT bodywork, wheels, and a few go-fast bits like the Harrop intake manifold, we reckon this thing would be plenty of fun, especially with the manual ‘box.

Another neat replica is this XW GT tribute, based on a grandpa-spec Falcon 500 that’s been given a full renovation. The 2V 351 Cleveland has a spicy set of internals, with all the correct GT touches inside and out.

You’d be hard-up to find anyone who wouldn’t take a VN SS in Atlas Grey, and this one has some choice modifications for extra pep. The iron lion has been stroked to 383 cubes, with 3.9 gears in the diff to spin that sucker right off the line. The Simmons are sized at a respectable 18 inches, and it sits on coilovers so it won’t entirely fall over in the twisties.

Having recently got back from the Hardass 1000, we reckon this ’67 Dodge Phoenix is a perfect machine for the Big Pimpin’ class. Factory V8 and right-hand-drive, it’s a prime Bright Rod Run machine and weekend cruiser. Best of all, it’s up with no reserve, and at time of writing the bidding is only up to $2700 – someone could nab a bargain!

Fancy a late-model Monaro? For a smidge more coin, you could get this primo HSV GTO Coupe instead. This one is an earlier 2002 VT-based model, with the VX-era interior and flat bonnet.

As a result it’s (so far) not commanding the same money as a later VZ-based GTO, but this car’s in such good nick you probably won’t feel much worse-off.

JDM hero cars have gone ballistic in price and demand over the last few of years, and one such example is the DC2 Honda Integra Type R.

The bright yellow of this one is the arguably the most iconic hue, and with factory-fitted SR3 Recaros, Momo steering wheel, VTEC power and a Torsen LSD, it’s no surprise many reckon it’s one of the best front-wheel-drive cars ever made.

To check all these cars out and the rest in the auction, head to Grays!