Ford has revealed the Shelby GT350, the most desirable Mustang yet


BEAST! At the recent Los Angeles motor show Ford revealed the Shelby GT350. The most desirable Mustang yet.

What makes it so awesome? For starters the GT350 boasts the most powerful naturally-aspirated engine Ford has ever produced.

The motor is a 5.2-litre V8 found only in the GT350, and is the first Ford V8 to feature a flat-plane crankshaft, something more commonly seen in Ferraris.

It’s not clear just how much power it makes, but Ford say it is “more than 500hp” (370kw) and 542Nm.

There’s a six-speed manual and a Torsen LSD underneath, and those keen to race their GT350 can option a ‘Track Pack’ which adds oil coolers for engine and transmission.

The bad news is Ford aren’t making any in right-hand drive, meaning it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see one on Aussie soil.

We reckon it looks perfect in traditional white and blue livery. Ford, please bring it Down Under!