A selection of our favourite cars from Day Four of Hot Rod Drag Week 2015

Photographers: Povi Pullinen

WHILE we’ve been fairly entranced by the antics of the Aussie teams at Drag Week 2015, there is a lot of other fascinating machinery on show. Here are just a few of our favourites:

2013-ZL1-CamaroTom McGilton’s 2013 ZL1 Camaro is an amazing piece of work. It is a Larson Race Cars-built 2500hp Unlimited Class monster, but it retains all of the factory comforts, including the interior, audio, insulation, air conditioning and even Bluetooth! The mill is a 540ci big-block with twin 88mm turbos and an air-to-air intercooler.

Honda -CivicJeff Lutz Jr rolls in one hell of a Honda Civic. It runs a 434ci twin-turbo Chev small-block, two-speed auto and a Gear Vendors overdrive out back. Sadly, the little tube-frame weapon is out of the game.

1953-chev -belairScott Brown from Austin, Texas rolls in a ’53 Chev Bel Air. It is powered by a 6.0-litre LQ4 V8, with a single 76mm Precision turbo and air-to-air intercooler. Driving through a 4L60E auto, the Chev is running 10.7s at 135mph.

1962-Chevy -IIYep, gassers can do Drag Week! James Forbes’s ’62 Chevy II runs mid-10s and looks fantastic doing it.
SS-Chev -BlazerStephen Fagen’s SS Chev Blazer (it is actually an S10 pick-up with Blazer roof and quarter panels) runs a ProCharged big-block and is a Drag Week veteran. It makes over 1000hp at the tyres, and has run a best of 9.04 at Drag Week, but has crept into the eight-second zone in other competitions.

1963-Falcon -WoodySorry Ford fans, but Addie Ross’s ’63 Falcon woody uses nitrous-assisted Chev power to run flat 10-second passes. Even so, it is a stupidly cool car.