Auction watch: XW GTHO, SS VT V6, LX Torana and more!

A genuine XW GTHO, a V6 VT SS and an LX Torana are just a fraction of the cool cars in Grays’ classic car auction this week


This week’s classic car auction at Grays has plenty to choose from, with something to suit just about any taste.

All the lots below are now live, with bidding on most closing on Tuesday evening. You can find the full list of cars right here.

Our first car to watch is this XW GTHO ‘Phase I’. It’s had an interesting past, including being once owned by Peter Geoghegan, an appearance in A Country Practice, and a crash early in its life resulting in the replacement of the front panels and radiator support.

A bit rough around the edges, this X-dub offers a rare opportunity to get into the GTHO market on a (relatively!) modest budget. Find out more here.

It’s no real surprise that our pubisher took a liking to this EH wagon, and a closer inspection reveals a very tidy machine hiding behind the patina finish. 

The original grey motor has made way for a 308 red V8, backed by a Turbo 350 auto. An HR front end with disc brakes means you might actually be able to stop, and the inside is nicely appointed as well. Check out the pics here.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 80s and 90s, then this LX Torana sedan should quench that thirst. DIY flares, Hotwire mags and the bonnet scoop are a throwback to when young tackers could actually afford to buy these things, and a 308 V8 provides the soundtrack to match. Have a squizz here.

When it comes to Aussie car nostalgia, it’s hard to trump a good ol’ humpy. This one is a 1955 FJ Special, wearing Skipper Blue and still rocking the original driveline. Check it out here.

Everyone remembers the VT SS for introducing the LS1 to the Commodore range, but what many may have forgotten (or just don’t know) is that Holden also offered a V6 SS in the VT for some reason.

This is one of those – a rare sight these days. The L67 is no LS1, but given the car is all original and up for grabs with no reserve, it could make a nice, cheap cruiser. Or you could go ham and build a tough SBE combo with your choice of power adder, ala our very own Supermang. View the forgotten SS here.

Another arguably forgotten car is the BA/BF XR8, often maligned compared to its brutish XR6 Turbo sibling. However, paired with a manual and decent exhaust, the free-revving Boss V8 isn’t a bad thing. This BF II looks to be in decent shape, and could prove another cheap route into a noughties Aussie muscle machine. Suss it here.

Most would be familiar with the non-turbo, RB30 R31 Skyline sedans we built here in Australia in the late 80s. One car we never got was the JDM coupe, but here is the chance to own one.

This would be one of the few HR31 coupes left that still runs the correct NICS RB20DET engine, which was often switched out for a later R32 RB20 or even the spicy RB25. See the full listing here.

Our last pick is one I’ve been keeping an eye on, this 2004 HSV WL Grange. Being a later WL, it gets the LS2 just like a VZ Clubby, only with enough luxuries and legroom to rival an Emirates Platinum flight. 

It’d make a dream highway cruiser; imagine loading your mates up in this subtle machine and burling to Street Machine Summernats in it! Bask in the luxury here.