Auction watch: HQ Monaro shell, supercharged Dodge Challenger, XB Falcon camper van

Here’s some of the coolest rides up for grabs at Grays this week


The weekend is knocking once again, which means it’s time to ponder some goodies up for auction from our mates at Grays.

As usual, it’s a nice mix of high-end metal and budget projects, with a few oddballs thrown in for good measure.

You’ll find the full range of cars here, but read on for some of our top picks. Bidding is open now, and closes for most lots on Tuesday night.

Let’s kick off with a blank canvas. This rolling HQ Monaro shell is ready for a new owner to slot in their choice of running gear and interior.

And if you ask us, it’s a ripe candidate to go crazy with mods, especially with no matching donk or original paint to fuss over.

It’s so far cracked the reserve price and attracted a top bid of $30,100.

Here’s another 70s icon from the other side of the fence. This XA Fairmont ticks a lot of boxes, being a factory-optioned GS in Wild Violet. It’s a K-code 351 car, paired to a Top Loader manual ’box.

The matching Clevo is still in place, and other sweet touches include a factory-ordered LSD, twin pipes and Parchment interior.

Bidding is at $75,600, with a few days to go. Will we see this car crack six figures?

Prefer your classic Falcons to be a bit more liveable? Check out this XB camper!

It’s a column-shifted auto six with an LPG system, and while the cab interior has seen better days, the camper section looks entirely serviceable. There’s even a door for easy access between the two zones.

Grays does point out corrosion to the exterior, and that the engine bay is currently inaccessible – so there might be a bit of work needed before you set off around Australia.

Mopar stuff is thin on the ground this week, but a stonking Challenger makes up for it.

The 2013 model runs a limited-edition Hennessey HPE600 supercharger package, meaning there’s a Magnuson TVS2300 blower resting atop the 6.4 Hemi. Supporting parts include an uprated fuel system and a Corsa cat-back exhaust, alongside matched interior badging.

It’s good for 600hp through the six-cog manual, and has racked up just 43,290km. The Challenger has hit $30,900 as of today, but plenty more coin will be needed for it to break reserve.

Sure, it’s not the Atlas Grey everybody seems to obsess over, but here’s a reasonably neat, three-pedal VN SS.

It’s got a few marks to the interior and it’s begun to suffer from paint fade, but the dash shows a respectable 152,335km.

An SV-spec front bar and grille add points, too. It hasn’t quite hit reserve at the time of writing, sitting at $18,400.

Those of you hoping to get your plastic-powered jollies on a tighter budget should keep an eye on this VQ Statesman.

Being a 1992 Series II, you even get independent rear suspension. Cop that, VN! There’s a few scratches and dents around the body, but still gets a grading of ‘fair’.

So far it’s yet to meet reserve, attracting two bids with a top of $3600.

Some wily street machiner has tinkered with this unfinished ZA Fairlane in its past life.

XA Falcon GT vents have been grafted into the bonnet, and eagle-eyed viewers will spot ‘Power by Ford’ embossed into the bootlid.

A pre-crossflow six with extractors sits under the bonnet, paired to a four-speed manual, presumably a Top Loader or single-rail.

With a lick of paint and a much-needed interior clean-up, it could be a fun old-school cruiser. The South Australia-based car hasn’t attracted much attention so far, resting well under reserve at $3500.

We reckon Aussie-built daily drivers don’t come much nicer than a later-model Senator.

It’s hard to go wrong with ClubSport LS3 grunt and extra luxury, and this one shows just over 117,000km on the clock, meaning it’s got plenty of life left eating up highways.

It’s based in Jandakot, WA, and has now passed reserve at $22,100.

A 1984 C10 pick-up adds some American flavour to this week’s auction.

Powered by a 350-cube small-block Chev paired to a Turbo 350 auto, the stepside is a right-hooker. Mods include two-inch drop spindles, Dakota Digital gauges, electric windows and central locking to make life that little bit easier.

Minor rust is starting to appear, and Grays says the electrics will need looking at. It’s still a way from reserve, sitting at $5200 right now.