Auction watch: HDT VL, EB GT, HT GTS, VC Commodore and more!

There's some epic metal up for grabs with Grays this week, so let's take a look!


It’s time for another peek at Grays’s weekly classic car auction, and this one is filled with a bunch of rippers, including a prototype EB GT, a genuine HDT VL, a gorgeous GTS Monaro and loads more!

Bidding on all cars is live now, and you can find more details alongside plenty of other cars right here.

Our first pick is this genuine HDT VL Group A SS, with a few choice modifications to give it a tad more pep. Build #233 has copped a stroker 355 V8, which is quoted as good for 500hp. Paired with a manual and beefed up diff with 3.45:1 gearing, she’d be a nice chariot for sure. The exterior has copped a respray as well, so you’ll have the show to match the go. You can view it here.

Sticking speccy late 80s and early 90s Aussie muscle, there’s a pre-production EB GT Falcon also up for grabs.

Quoted as build P04, it’s said to be one of 10 prototypes assembled early in the revived GT program. It presents well in Cobalt Blue, and has the joy of three pedals to play with. Best of all it’s up with no reserve, so check it out here.

For a car that’s a smidge more our speed, check out this pro street VC Commodore, presented as a perfect hop-in-and-go street machine.

With a fresh 355ci Holden V8, Turbo 400, Wilwood brakes, coil-overs and delicious Weld Magnums, it’s a hot cruiser with bugger-all left to do. You can see the listing here.

Before we jump in the 70s hero cars, let’s shine a quick light on this gem of a VR Calais. While it may look like your grandad’s V6 stocker, this beauty is actually a V8, HSV-enhanced version.

That means you get the HSV 185i version of Holden’s iron lion, and an HSV build plate – for this car, number 305. Bask in the awesomeness here.

This genuine GTS HT Monaro is first of our picks from the chrome-bumper assortment, rocking a fresh 355 small-block bowtie.

Under the rear arches is a meaty pair of tyres and a shortened nine-inch, so it’s got the stance to match the grunt. Suss it here.

While most XY GT tributes are based on basic Falcon 500s, this example has had go-fast bits from day one. It was ordered as a K-Code Fairmont, making it a pretty ballsy thing in its time. Retaining the same choice of white it wore when new, it’s now got all the rest of the GT gear to match the 351 Clevo.

The 351 has since been heavily rebuilt for a serious dose of power, paired with a top loader and nine-inch diff. Find out more here.

Another Falcon we’d love to have is this XC hardtop – a factory V8 car with some tasteful modifications.

Grunt comes from a 393 stroker, paired with a five-speed TKO manual ‘box. The body underwent a resto five years ago, and the cherry on top is the magnificent Center Line wheels. You can drool over it here.

Our final pick is a more budget-friendly classic, in the form of a 1968 HK Kingswood. The 186 car is prime for a resto, pro street transformation, Drag Challenge mission, or even just to cruise as-is! Bid on it here.

You can view all the listings in the Grays weekly auction right here.