What is happening to Aussie muscle car prices? And their copycats?

Some interesting results out of the latest Shannons timed auction


The Shannons Winter Online Auction wound up last night, with some interesting results that shine a light on what Aussie muscle cars (and their replicas) are going for in the current post-boom market. We’ve picked our items of interest below; see the full list here.

VK Group A tribute: $86,000

This lovely Blue Meanie replica went for more than many were expecting in this market, perhaps reflecting the fact that it is jam-packed with genuine HDT goodies.

VH Group 3 tribute: $30,000

This VH SL/E in Group 3 dress-up was closer to what we’d expect to pay for a nice, non-HDT early-girl Commodore in this market.

HDT VL Group A: $134,000

In terms of genuine HDT cars, this lovely VL Group A #222 fetched decent coin for an honest car that has been used as the maker intended.

HK Monaro: $72,000

Bargain HK Monaros aren’t going to start appearing any time soon, but this base model will provide a sound foundation for a restoration or hot-up job.

XW GT auto: $160,000

Same goes for GT Falcons!

XB GT hardtop: $96,000

Likewise, XB coupes. This one will need a stack of work to get it back to show condition, but it still brought in the bickies.

Ford Ranchero: $15,000

At the more affordable end of the Blue Oval market, this 1960 Ranchero looked like good buying at $15K plus BP.

FPV FG F6: $33,500

This rock-stock Viper Purple F6 was showing just under 100km on the clock.

1968 Dodge Charger: $105,000

While Ford guys are paying almost $100K for resto-ready GT Falcon hardtops, Mopar fans can drive away in one of the most iconic shapes in muscle car history in much better condition.

Datsun 1600: $19,000

Someone has got a bargain, picking up this super-sano Datto for a song.

R34 Nissan GT-R M-spec Nür: $332,000

On the other hand, this GT-R well exceeded the guiding range, showing there is lots of life left in the high-end GT-R market.

Subaru Brumby: $20,500

Brumbys are having something of a moment, as the price achieved by this little beauty demonstrates.