Auction watch: EVIL XC Falcon, Rides by Kam ‘Cuda, HSV W427 and more!

Seven82Motors March 2023 online car auction is live now, with a bounty of drool-worthy machines up for grabs


Seven82Motors March online classic car auction has gone live this week, with plenty of metal on offer to suit those chasing something highly modified, concourse standard or something in-between.

You can view these and all the rest of the lots at this link here, with the auction wrapping up on Saturday, 11 March 3pm AEST.

Up first is the EVILXC coupe, one of two former Street Machine feature cars up for grabs in the auction. You can read our full feature on the XC right here, and by the looks it hasn’t changed much since.

The Ford Motorsport SVO 572-cuber V8 and 14/71 blower are the main party pieces of this beast, with amazing workmanship inside and out to compliment them. This is the second time the car has been auctioned with Seven82Motors, however this time it’s being offered with no reserve. The current bid of AU$125,000 is an absolute steal for this thing, so we expect some hot bidding come Saturday arvo.

Rides by Kam did such a ripper job of building this 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda that was just had to throw it on a cover, which we did for our June 22 issue.

That means that much like the XC you can find our full, in-depth on the car right here. The injected 358-cube NASCAR Mopar V8 is used in the front, mated to a four speed manual. Normally that’d be the real head turner, but with a car like this there’s so much going it almost pales into insignificance.

With bidding at AU$235,000 at the time of writing and the reserve still not met, it’s looking like it’ll take some serious dollars to re-home the ‘Cuda.

This 1975 SL/R 5000 Torana is the real deal, but that hasn’t stopped it copping just enough tasteful mods to make it a proper street burler in our eyes.

The engine has been punched out to 355-cubes, using a manualised TH 400 ‘box, nine-inch diff and a beefy set of 15-inch Weld wheels. Bidding is already heading towards AU$100,000, and given it’s a genuine SLR we aren’t surprised.

If you prefer your Toranas more in the smaller body shape and more original, this genuine 1970 LC GTR in original spec should tickle your pickle.

Engine, gearbox, interior, wheels – it’s all original. So is the Indy Orange colour, which has only had a blow over to keep the little Torry looking fresh.

Another orange coupe but from the other side of the fence is this real deal 1974 XB Falcon GT hardtop, with a heap of factory optioned features to wow people at your next cars and coffee.

Those extras for this GT include power windows, air con and the very cool wind back sunroof. The original 351 and C4 ‘box are still intact as well.

We’re digging this 1972 HQ Holden panel van, thanks largely in part to the 400-cube Chevy V8 and six gears that require a clutch pedal to interchange them. Joy!

It’s been kept super neat and simple inside and out, and with air-con onboard you don’t have much of an excuse to not get it out and use it. Bidding is only at AU$41,000 as we type with a reserve still to topple.

First-gen Dodge Vipers aren’t exactly a common site in Australia anywhere, so when one comes to auction we tend to give it a second look.

This one is a 1994 RT/10 model, obviously featuring the 8.0-litre, V10 behemoth in the front. It’s all original, which makes sense when it only has 2,300 miles on it. You’ll get all the original log books and documents, as well as the fun of still experiencing left hook on Aussie roads.

Keeping in theme with the Viper is the brutal C6 Corvette ZR1, but unlike the Viper this one has been right-hook converted by Corvette Clinic.

The supercharged LS9 and six-speed manual combo is what made these things legendary, and this one is a tad more special as it’s a limited 100 year Centennial Edition. A special package to celebrate 100 years of Chevy, it was basically a bunch of stickers and black accents. The important bit is that this ZR1 has only done 495 miles and has been kept in a carcoon most of its life, so you’re basically stepping into a brand new C8 Corvette.

We may have never got the C8 ‘Vette on the showroom floor here in Australia, but the HSV W427 was just about as good. Given the GFC stopped HSV from selling nearly as many of these as they would’ve liked, the 137 they did manage to make always fetch good coin at auction when the do pop up.

This black example is build number #88, with less than 15,000 kilometers and the condition reflecting that.

You can view all the listings in the March auction and sign up to bid at this link here.