1100hp twin-turbo LSA 1975 LH Torana

This killer LH Torana is up for grabs


SOMETIMES it’s a hell of a lot easier (and potentially cheaper) to buy a well-sorted street or race car than go through the pain of building your own, and this 1100rwhp, twin-turbo LH Torana is exactly the kind of thing we’re on about.

The Torana is currently up for auction in Queensland by the blokes at Seven82Motors, and is a perfect example of the calibre of cars making up the numbers in their very first online auction.

The LH was built by JW Racing in Crestmead, Queensland. The current iteration of the car has it running a stroked 418ci LSA, force-fed by a pair of Garrett GT42 turbos perched front and centre in the engine bay. Other neat bits include a Plazmaman 2500hp intercooler and Turbosmart 50mm wastegates, and with the help of E85, the car puts out a quoted power figure of 874.3rwkW (1172rwhp) on 27psi.

The rest of the driveline is just as beefy as the engine package, consisting of a two-speed transbraked Powerglide, TCE converter, TCI flexplate and a billet tailshaft sending power down to the braced nine-inch rear end with 35-spline axles.

Suspension and brakes are taken care of with Koni adjustable shocks and a set of Wilwood stoppers hiding underneath the Convo Pro wheels.

Inside, the interior trim has been kept sleek and simple, the only major modifications being the rollcage, ratchet shifter and Haltech iC-7 dash. The exterior is nicely finished too, with the – ahem – revised G Pak stripes nicely matching the black bumpers and Convo Pro wheels.

The Seven82Motors auction for this LH and the rest of their June crop is already live, and at the time of writing, the Torana sits at $60,500 before buyer’s premium. That’s a serious bit of kit for the money, especially given the buy-in price for most Toranas is more than a Melbourne house deposit.

The auction is online only and ends on Monday 14 June at 7pm. You can view the Torana’s listing here.