Americans to attempt biggest burnout world record – Video

The Yanks are already threatening to take our title of World’s Largest Simultaneous Burnout


AUSTRALIA re-claimed the world record title for the Largest Simultaneous Burnout, with 126 cars laying rubber at the same time at Street Machine Summernats 32, and already there’s whispers from around the globe to snatch the record back from Australia.

The world record burnout concept started at Street Machine Summernats a few years ago, and since then the record has bounced all around the world, including America and even the Middle East. Most recently the record was held by the Saudi Arabians before we took it back at the start of the year, but less than two weeks after re-claiming the title it is already being challenged by the yanks.

The organisers of the Gumball Rally in the US have slated that their August rally will include an attempt to break our world record, teasing the video you see above. Should we comment on the irony of the Chevy SS with Holden badges being used to promote the attempt? Either way, the true date and location hasn’t been announced yet, but rest assured that if by some divine miracle the yanks manage to knock us off the top step, Street Machine Summernats 33 will only be six months away and we Aussie’s don’t need much of an excuse to let some tyres rip.

There has also been talk from YouTuber Cleetus McFarland that’s he’d like to set the world burnout record at one of his Cleetus and Cars events. So stay tuned – this isn’t over!