Australia gets biggest simultaneous burnout world record at Summernats 32

Australia takes back the Guinness World record for the Largest Simultaneous Burnout

Videographers: Aiden Taylor

AUSTRALIA has re-claimed its rightful title as the burnout masters of the world, putting 126 cars on the pad at Street Machine Summernats 32 to reclaim Guinness World Record for Largest Simultaneous Burnout.

The record has been previously held by Summernats entrants, but last year the Saudi Arabians claimed it with a simultaneous skid session with 119 cars burning rubber. Naturally the Aussies wouldn’t cop that and at midday the Summernats entrants officially re-claimed the title.

Scotty got a last minute call up in the Turbo Taxi to take part, but things didn’t quite go to plan when the Falcon wouldn’t hold on the foot brake. Scotty gently ‘borrowed’ a concrete barrier to send it and get the job done, putting a nice crease in the front of the Taxi for good measure.