American Mister Zachary loses his mind at Aussie burnout cars

Mister Zachary of Hoonigan fame checks out some top-tier Aussie burnout cars currently wreaking havoc in the US


We Aussies have often proclaimed ourselves to be the best in the world at the hellacious sport of burnouts, and rightly so. 

However, after much trash talk from us to the Yanks about their weak efforts at turning tyres to dust, burnout events have finally started gaining momentum in North America. So much so that former Hoonigan employee Mister Zachary has started his own Burnout Wars competition series to raise the profile of the sport in the Land of the Free, after spending time at Street Machine Summernats 36 back in January.

Earlier this month, six of Australia’s finest skid machines descended upon the Atlantic City leg of Burnout Wars as part of their 2024 tour of the US, which was put together by Gup from Powercruise Promotions. 

With the likes of reigning Burnout Masters champ Andrew ‘LYNCHY’ Lynch, Craig Bailey’s IMPOSTER VF ute, Brody Diwell’s OVRDONE Holden Caprice, and Picnik Media’s Micky Hinchy and his CL1KB8 VF wagon on site, Zach took the opportunity to bail them up and find out what it takes to make a proper Aussie burnout machine.

The key takeaways are the stuff we already know: methanol, high revs, heavy-duty bottom ends, three-figure wheel speed and a tonne of smoke! All but Lynchy’s car run blowers, and many also run mechanical injection, which they refer to as “piss ’n’ dribble”.

As part of this tour of mayhem, the Aussies also destroyed YouTuber Westen Champlin’s backyard burnout party, with the likes of Adrian Cuthbertson’s SKIDMA and Kyle Douglas’s LUXIFER joining in for a 40-minute skid-fest – which you can watch here.