Young Gun Sarah Battersby’s VT Commodore

We caught up with17-year-old Sarah Battersby from Portland, NSW, at Brashernats in Sydney

Photographers: Simon Davidson

When your dad is former Burnout Masters winner Brett Battersby, pilot of the insane BLWNLUX HiLux, you’re pretty much destined to find yourself skidding your own beast at an early age. That’s exactly the case for Brett’s 17-year-old daughter Sarah, who has been making a name for herself in her SUSLS1 VT Commodore SS. We caught up with Sarah at Brashernats in Sydney to talk cars and burnouts.

When did your love for burnouts start?

Growing up with Dad being a big part of the sport meant I was around it ever since I was a kid. From about the age of 12, I wanted to skid in my own car and get involved behind the wheel.

How did the VT come into your life?

We found the VT and scored it for a slab of beer. It had no engine in it when we got it, so we found an LS1 cheap on Marketplace and Dad and I threw it together to make it my first burnout machine.

What modifications does it have to help it make clouds?

The first LS1 we put in was standard, but that went rods-out. We built another LS1 with Scat rods and pistons, and it’s running a Quick Fuel methanol carby now. The rest of the driveline is still VT, with a 4L60 ’box and standard rear end.

How long have you been skidding it?

My first event was Bathurst Autofest last year, and I skidded at that again this year. I’ve also done the Kandos burnouts before as well; I just love having a good time in this thing! And then there was also Brashernats this year.

How did you go with the big crowds at Brashernats?

They were very loud, and I’ll admit I was nervous going out for the first time. I did one judged skid and one expression with a friend, and I loved it. The car ran like a dream, and doing it in front of a big, loud crowd like that was very cool.

Did that whet the appetite for big-stage burnouts?

Yeah, it did. We were talking about doing Summernats next year in the car, so I think I’ll do that and have a go in the Burnout Championship.

Do you have any other cars or projects?

I just have a Hyundai Accent for a daily, but I also have a Suzuki Sierra that we’re building as well. I’m looking to put a small-block in that car, and have that as the main car and the VT as the back-up or party car.

Anybody you’d like to thank?

My dad, mum and Brent, as the car wouldn’t be where it is today without their help and support. I’d also like to thank John Edwards Transmissions, Justin Carnie and all my friends who help me out when I need a hand.

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