Bathurst Autofest 2019 at Mount Panorama – gallery

If there’s a more appropriate place to hold a car show, we haven’t seen it

Photographers: Tim McCormack

MOUNT Panorama is Australia’s motorsport mecca, and Bathurst Autofest is a great opportunity to beat up on your street machine on hallowed ground. It’s the jewel in the crown of the Autofest series of events, and the 2019 running was a good time.

Bathurst Autofest1. Owen Rice scored some Top 10 tinware in the show and shine for his incredibly tough FRIED CV8 Monaro, then wheeled it out onto the pad and gave it the berries. It was shaping up to be a cracker of a skid, but unfortunately the rear of the show-worthy coupe burst into flames. We’re sure Owen will have it back to showroom condition in no time.

Bathurst Autofest2. Ex-Street Machine cover car and office favourite, Shannon Heraud’s blown thongslapper-powered Escort copped a beating all weekend, with Shannon’s better half, Briana, also having a steer in the skid comp.

Bathurst Autofest3. Adrian Cuthbertson’s SKIDMA tore the Mount Panorama pad a new one, putting on an epic smoke show for the punters. It was judged as the biggest and best burnout of the weekend; good enough for outright honours.

Bathurst Autofest4. Mick Sammut’s 383ci Holden-powered HQ Monaro laid plenty of rubber to waste on the main straight at Mount Panorama across the weekend, and looked and sounded amazing in the process.

Bathurst Autofest5. Gulgong lad Clynt Perry has been enjoying plenty of success on the skid scene with his ONGROG BA Falcon one tonner, but the car is no one-trick pony and he had a crack at anything and everything, enjoying the Sprints on the main straight with his missus, Kellie, riding shotgun.