1JZ-swapped HK Holden wagon in the build

Rusty 1JZ-swapped HK wagon, V8-powered VE Valiant, HQ GTS coupe, F100 prerunner build, 383-cube HJ ute + more


Justin Green
HK Holden

“This is my current build, a 1968 HK wagon with a Toyota 1JZ VVTi swap. The car started life in Broken Hill, and I picked it up from a fella in Sydney. I had to then undertake 12 months of full-on rust repairs inside and out so that I didn’t have a vehicle that resembled a Flintstones car!

“I kept as much of the outside patina as I could. I had the engine from a previous build that didn’t go to plan, so I decided to chuck it in the wagon for shits and giggles. As for some of the cool gear it has, we’ve got Hoppers Stoppers disc brakes all ’round, a lowered front end and a Borgy diff.

“The rest is all still pretty much HK gear. I’m currently at the interior stage, and hopefully it’ll be done soon to surprise and annoy all those lovers and haters out there!”

Daniel Koufopoulos
VE Valiant

“My 1968 VE Valiant was originally a 273 car, but when I bought it two years ago, it was running a 318 small-block V8, a standard 904 trans and a BorgWarner diff. Since then, I’ve upgraded the 904 with a manual reverse-pattern shift kit and 3800rpm converter.

“I’ve also swapped the Borgy diff out for a nine-inch rear that has all the good internals, relocated the leaf springs, and added extractors and a full stainless exhaust system. Now I’m building a new 360 small-block for it that’ll hopefully be ready to drop in for some summer cruising.”

Jason Flynn
HG Holden Kingswood

“This is my HG wagon project, which I bought in 2014 for just $3000, only two months before my wedding. It had no interior or glass and shabby paintwork, and was running a 186 and M20 four-speed.

“I hid it from my future wife at a mate’s trim shop, where it had the seats, rooflining, glass and trim fitted. It was also lowered and fitted with widened wheels with Monaro hubcaps. I drove it home the day after our wedding to surprise my now-wife. After our honeymoon, I decided it was time for a V8 swap, so we chucked a Holden 5.0-litre from a VN in it, which was great for a few years until it threw a leg out of bed.

“That triggered the full rebuild you see happening right now, all to handle the new 355-stroked Holden with a BDS 6/71. We went with a gloss-black engine bay and Kashmir White paint, mini-tubbed the rear end to fit the 15×10 Weld wheels, and fitted a new Turbo 350 ’box, nine-inch diff and all the other good stuff. The plan is to get it done for March next year.”

Freddie Todman
HQ Holden Monaro GTS

“Currently in the build is my HQ GTS Monaro coupe, which sits nice and low on a set of airbags, though a few modifications were needed to get it sitting in the weeds.

“I just bought myself a donor car for the drivetrain, so the HQ will be getting an LS2, a six-speed manual and a nine-inch, all of which should give it plenty of poke.”

Fekete Fabrications
1970 Ford F100

“This is a Ford F100 we’re building in our workshop as a prerunner-inspired offroad racer. It’s a full ground-up custom chassis, with everything made in-house. Because of the new chassis replacement laws in Victoria, we can use the F100 cab and still register it as a fully complied and legal 1970 F100.

“It’s also got a fully forged Coyote mill with an Edelbrock blower, and a T56 Magnum that’ll be sequentially shifted. We’re building this one after hours, and should be showing it in a semi-finished state at MotorEx next year.”

Kyle Gilmour
HJ Holden ute

“My HJ Holden ute had been a good car for two years of driving, until I pulled it off the road to do what was only meant to be a rebuild of the 253 and Trimatic ’box – but that was three years ago! I ended up getting a 383ci BluePrint SBC stroker from Engine Master and a TH400 gearbox to back it up.

“The rear end is a nine-inch diff, and the best part is the Simmons wheels – 20×10 under the arse-end and 20×7 up front. The plan is to go with DNA Candy Blood Red paint and get it going in the next few years. It won’t quite be a show car, but it should end up a very good cruiser for weekend driving.”

Leaf Fraser
Holden VX Commodore SS

“This is my VX SS skid car build that we’ve called RANGRYSK1D. I’m 12 years old, and Mum bought the car for me so I can get into burnouts as a sport. I’m going to throw a cam in it and convert it to E85, with carbies on a tunnel ram intake, and install a mini-spool in the diff and a line locker. We just bought an Ultrex super-loud exhaust to make it roar, plus some other mods.

“Mum said the rule is I have to do all the work myself under adult supervision, and I’m even going to help with the respray. So far, we’ve started a full major service and removed the radiator.”

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