Jason Fitzallen’s fluoro & graphics LC Torana

When Jason Fitzallen comes cruising, put on your sunnies. You won't see anything more eyeball-scorching than this loud LC Torana


It’s easy to spot this car. But it’s not the fluoro paint and the wild graphics – it’s the crowd of onlookers that follows wherever it goes. At an event like the Summernats, full of cars with serious crowd pleasing potential, this LC made a huge impact. Curiosity’s caused the demise of more than a few cats over the years and it eats the hell out of us why more blokes weren’t blinded – after all, the sun was out.

First published in the March 1992 issue of Street Machine

Let’s start at the beginning, at the end of 1989 Jason Fitzallen came home from Summernats 3 a changed man. He was 19 years old and he’d decided to quit being a spectator and undertake a major rebuild at his own LC Torana. At the time, he didn’t have many clear objectives – he just wanted something that would turn a few heads, like the cars he’d just seen.

And turn a few heads is just what this car does, everywhere it goes. From its home in Launceston, Tasmania, all the way to Summermnats 5, this Torana turned more heads than most chiropractors do in a lifetime.

Rob Knott is the painter responsible for the exceptional exterior. The final concept developed over the duration of the project which began by fitting a new roof, bonnet, nosecone and doors. Everything was then stripped back to bare metal for the respray, although that word doesn’t really do justice to the end result.

The LC spent 10 months at Rob’s workshop, and Jason consequently spent about 10 grand, after which the exterlor is basically what you see now. SEM paint was used for the ‘base’ upon which the graphics were applied. Up front is Marva Magenta, then Burnt Orange. Sunset Yellow and white AAA Tinter. The effect achieved, as you can see, is a flawlessly smooth front-to-rear transition from red to white through the various shades. Rob also did the body kit comprising A9X flares and spoilers, and custom side and rear skirts.

Then there’s the graphics which are impossible to describe using words and pictures. Like the saying goes, “you had to be there”, Every time you look it over, you see something you missed. There’s spider webs, abstract geometric shapes, even Pro Hart style paint splatters. It doesn’t stop with the outside. The fluoro/graphic theme is to be found under the bonnet, on the mill itself, in the boot, and even under the car! Jason did a ‘top job detailing the underbody himself using a contrasting fluoro green and pink theme to highlight the suspension and driveline components.

All this might give you the impression that the LC is all show and no go. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jason ensured that the LC keeps up with its looks. The 202 red six has gone a few rounds with Tassie engine builder Jeff Carling. It now sports a knife edge counterweight crank, Repco competition bearings and forged Cosworth pistons. Bert Jones supplied the cam which now works in conjunction with TRW solid lifters and Yella Terra roller rockers with guide plates. The head is a rare Phil Irving aluminium item, machined by Brookfield, and running custom valves with triple springs.

Fuel is Avgas which finds its way into the mill via a Holley Blue pump and triple 48 mm DCOE (sidedraught) Weber carbs. Custom made extractors dump the exhaust into a custom 3 inch stainless steel system with stainless mufflers.

In order to retain reliability, a high volume oil pump with external pickup was fitted. Additional reliability is provided by a three core radiator and Earl’s braided line. A bloke named Greg Smith is responsible for the hidden wiring.

Transmission is a manualised turbo 350 behind an Eliminator 4500 rpm 8 inch converter V8 Holden tailshaft sits in front of one of Ford’s famous 9 inch rears. This one uses 3.5:1 limited slip internals and 28 spline axles.

Stopping power gets a boost thanks to HQ front discs with Volvo four spot calipers. Suspension is stiffer too, thanks to Nolathane bushes and Pedders shocks all round. Lovells springs lower the LC 3 inches at the front and 2 1/2 inches at the rear. Simmons wheels. 15×8 front and 15×10 rear, are shod with 225/50 Eagles front and 245/50 Eagles rear. Jason matched and sprayed the wheel centres himself, making them an integral part of the paint theme.

The interior is basically stock, apart from Rex Viney’s retrimming of the standard seats front and rear in black leather. Steering wheel is LC GTR and an alloy roll cage, polished by Jason, and Simpson harnesses indicate that passenger safety hasn’t been overlooked.

Gauges are by Autometer and are oil filled. Jason has also sprayed the rims on the gauges, the glovebox and other small interior components Cherry Black. This produces a subtle effect inside, in stark contrast to the exterior.

If Jason can ever manage to elbow aside the perpetual crowd surrounding his Torana, he intends to give it a run at the drags in Tassie. He reckons the judges at Summernats 5 were pretty helpful, too. They gave him plenty of food for thought about how he can improve the LC for next year. Jason’s certainly not going to be short of things to do in his spare time!

So far, at two shows in Tassie, the car has won eight trophies. Best Overall, Best Custom and People’s Choice (all twice) and Top Paint and Top Exhibit (once).

Jason says that, as far as he’s aware, the LC is quite legal. But just the same he suspects that he might be displaying his wares for the constabulary somewhat more frequently than most other road users. There aren’t too many cars like his LC in his part of the country – just his, actually, in all fairness, there’s probably a crowd of young constables more than a bit curious about the graphic’d Torana. After all, why should they be different to everyone else?


Induction:Triple Weber
Intake man.:Phil Irving
Heads:Phil Irving
Cam:Bert Jones
Pistons:Forged Cosworth
Crank:Knife-edge counterweight
Exhaust:Custom extractors
Transmission:Turbo 350
Diff:Ford 9 inch 3.5:1
Front brakes:HQ discs
Rear brakes:Stock drums
Front tyres:Goodyear 225/50×15
Front wheels:Simmons 15×10
Rear tyres:Goodyear 245/40×15
Rear wheels:Simmons
Paint:Dulux custom fluoro
Build time:2 years