Nicole Jaggs’s carby-fed LS-swapped LH Torana

In her third year attending Rockynats, this time Nicole Jaggs and her trophy-winning Torana took on the Grand Champion battle

Nicole Jaggs LH Torana
Photographers: Steve Kelly

When we spied Nicole Jaggs’s glistening LS-powered LH Torana amongst the Grand Champ contenders at this year’s Rockynats, we knew we had to find out more about both the lady and her stunning sedan.

First published in the July 2023 issue of Street Machine

How did this LH come into your life, Nicole?

I had an LH Torana as my first car, but I eventually sold it and moved on in life, as you do. Then a few years back, my hubby Paul and I saw this one at our local suspension shop.

The Torana wasn’t for sale, but it became a running joke for about 18 months where we’d always ask, “Is it for sale yet?” Then in 2018 we were offered the car, as the bloke’s wife was keen on a new kitchen.

What condition was it in when you bought it?

It was missing the donk and the back seat, but neither mattered. We’ve now rebuilt it all, doing everything ourselves except the paint.

Our original idea was to build a stock streeter, but when we took the body back to bare metal and saw how good it was, we decided to up the build. That’s why it has the S7OKA plates, as it plays on it not being the planned stocker.

Tell us about the engine.

I was keen on a carby-fed LS, and my dad is an engine builder, so he found me a dizzy set-up and I bought an LS block from one of his customers. Some say why put a carby on an LS; I say, why not?

Our mate calls it the LS Windsor because of the front dizzy location. It definitely confuses a few people at car shows.

What’s the rest of the driveline?

It has a Powerglide and a nine-inch with Truetrac and 3.7s. We have also added four-wheel discs, a United Speed Shop front end and adjustable coil-overs.

Stunning orange paint, too.

The colour was an ugly brown – Persian Sand. I wanted it orange and for the colour to not lose depth in the sunlight, and this DNA custom paint is perfect.

The re-trimmed white vinyl interior and perfect original glass makes the orange really pop. Black trim wouldn’t do that.

How was Rockynats?

The LH was finished four years ago, and we’ve done Rockynats three times with it now. But this year was my first time in the Elite Hall.

I contended for Grand Champ just for fun. That said, we’ve been to a lot of shows and won a lot of trophies with the LH.

What’s next?

Paul sold his LC and has now almost finished building an HK ute. Our 16-year-old son, Blake, has an HQ Tonner project, so it’ll be amazing when all three cars are done.

That said, we always have ideas for the next one – we’re thinking an old-school Chevy truck, maybe with twin turbos and a bit ratty so we don’t have to worry about people leaning on it.

But my Torana isn’t going anywhere – I have an emotional investment in it.

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