Reader’s rocket: 2JZ-swapped widebody Targa Supra

David Micallef has owned his A70 Supra for 24 years and decided to do a 2JZ-GTE conversion during a full resto a few years ago


“This is my widebody Targa Supra, which I’ve owned for some 24 years. I bought the JDM-import car in NZ, and when I moved to Australia I couldn’t bring myself to part with her, so she came with me.

First published in the April 2024 issue of Street Machine

“Three years ago I decided to fully restore her and do a 2JZ-GTE conversion, which was something I’d always dreamed of doing. The built 2JZ is sitting on a conservative tune of 620hp until I can trust myself to turn it up some more.

“She rolls on 18in Rays TE37s and runs Tein coil-overs, Brembo brakes, an R154 gearbox packed with Marlin Crawler components, and an LSD. A Haltech Elite ECU is the brains for everything electrical.

“She has an Agile Performance body kit, which I flew back to Christchurch to collect pre-Covid. I managed to get the same personalised plate combo as I had in NZ.

“The paint is a spin on of the original; we replaced the metallics with pearls and named it ‘deep ocean blue’.

“The stereo is all from Pioneer, with one 12in sub in the rear for that doof-doof that takes me back to my teenage years!”