Our readers share their photos and memories of the first cars they owned


We asked the Street Machine readers on our Facebook page to tell us what their first car was, and the response was huge. Some of the well-loved rides shown here are long gone and some are still in the hands of their proud owners after many years. Have a look through the posts to see if your car is here! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook for more great stories and opportunities like this to get your cars featured on the Street Machine website!

Check out some of our readers’ submissions below:

Darren -Enfantie -Falcon -1422This is my first car, I paid $6k in 2001. I drove it around for 4 years and then I did a resto which was finished 3 years ago (inset photo is before the resto, when it had the XC front) – Darren Enfantie

Austin1953 Austin A30, I bought it before I got my licence when I was 16, back in 1981. I had it for several years as a second car. I still miss that little beast. Friday and Saturday night chucking laps of the main street, and girls would love it and want to go for a ride in the “cute little car”. It used to piss off the guys with the big cars, I can tell you! – John Brandt

Austin -A95-WestminsterMy first registered car was an Austin A95 Westminster – this is the only photo I have of it, with me and my mates blocking the view of the car. My first car was a two-door LC Torana that Mum bought for me before I had my licence. Unfortunately a mate put it into a tree before I had a chance to drive it on the road – Jason Adams

Simca -ArondeMy first car was a 1962 Simca Aronde. They were a solid, 4-cylinder French car sold here by Chrysler. Unfortunately this one was very worn, so I only had it for about 18 months before trading up to an FC Holden – Stephen Lindburg

FC-HOldenHere’s the FC that followed, a bit of a tougher effort than the Simca. It had a black interior with an EH steering wheel, mags and a straight-through exhaust, otherwise fairly stock. It went well, except for very ordinary brakes – Stephen Lindburg

KingswoodThis was my 1969 HT Kingswood wagon with a 186 column-shift auto, 15-inch American Andean race wheels and 8-inch rear tyres. I bought it when I was 13 for $500 but later sold it discovering rust in the chassis along the boot floor and rusted K-frame. I bought an ’85 VK 4-speed which was my first rego car on my Ls. While on my P plates, I blew up the black motor and put a wild red in it and I still have her – Zac Goslan

Craig -Marsh -FalconI bought it in ’88 and restored it with my Dad. It had a big block in it by my 20th birthday. I still own the car today. Here it is back when 14″ SF Eagers with raised white lettering were the tyre of choice! – Craig Marsh

XY-FalconI got this when I was 16 and still have it. It’s a genuine K Code GS. When I was 16, it needed to look like a GT but I will be putting it back to original soon. – Les Gino Pradella

John -bradley -wb -vanThis is my 1983 WB. It had purple velvet curtains, an 8-ball shifter and was covered in stickers inside! – Bradley John

Green -XYMy XT, I loved that old girl. Good times! – Matthew Wright

Morris -minorMy 1953 Morris Van. The one I drive now (inset) is a 1953 fuel-injected 13B Rotary – Ian Latta

Maggie -Dee -ChryslerI will continue the Chrysler theme – I always liked big cars as a young girl. This 360 Regal was my first love – Maggie Dee

CortinaFirst car, the trusty old TF Cortina with a 250 alloy head. Copped a beating! – Michael Webb

VH-commodoreThis is my first car – a VH six, worked 202 – Shane McKerlie

Red -XY-Falcon(1) In 1990 my Dad bought a rolled-over XY GT and another body shell. On my 16th birthday he said “There you go! You’ve got a bit to do but I’ll give you a hand.”

Good thing he had a panel shop. We had it finished and registered just after I turned 19 and it cost everything I had in the whole world! – Chris Pace

Pace -Falcon(2) The XY paid for a lot of stuff when I sold it, but I built another Ford after that which actually made it into the September 1993 issue of Street Machine. But, there’s nothing like an XY GT! – Chris Pace

HarveyI bought this from my brother in ’87, it’s had several hot engines. It was in the shed for 12 years but this is how it looks today. I do now have a donor car to piece it together again – Darren James Harvey

XB-FairmontMy 302/C4/BW XB Fairmont on 12 slotters with a shaker, back in 1996. Man, I gave that thing a thrashing – Glenn Turner

XB-uteThis is the first car I bought 3 years ago. I’m putting a 351, T5 and 9″ in it, hoping it’s done within the next 10 years. Currently stripping it down for a restoration, just need the money – Geoff Cliff

CundaliniMy first car…27 years later, it’s still in the shed! – Tony Cundalini

HT-MonaroHT Monaro. Wish I still had it! – Craig Topperwien

XB-250My 1974 XB 250 T-Bar auto my Dad bought for me when I was 13 off an old lady. Not a dent, scratch or a bit of rush in the old girl – Brandon Brooks

ChargerI’ve still got my Charger! I bought it in 1999 and it’s being stripped for a rebuild – Greg Part

HQ-MonaroBought this off the original owner in 1986, paid $3000 for it. Wish I still owned it – Geoff Rose

VK-commodoreI still own this, it’s just not running at the moment – Dianne Pilekic

VB-Commodore1978 VB Commodore. I was young and dumb and sold it. Should have kept it – Jesse Blay