Our readers share more of their first automotive loves


Following on from part one of our Readers’ First Cars gallery, here’s some more photos and stories we received from you when we asked the question, “What was your first car?” Make sure you’re following us on Facebook for more great opportunities like this to get your ride featured here on Street Machine.

Check out these ‘first cars’ from our readers:

Javelin1973 AMC Javelin with a hotted up 304 auto. I miss her everyday – Barton Slade Mangrum

HT-Kingswood1970 HT Kingswood. 202 3-speed, cost us $1000. It had Centreline mags, sports exhaust, warm 202, 500 Holley, 35/75 XU1 cam, etc. Awesome car, long gone now. Missing it – Jason Walker

HR Holden1966 HR Holden, back when I was young and dumb, circa 1990. My Dad still hates this photo – Tyronne Tunza Bony

VL-commodoreMy first car, still have it 13 years on – Alex Mercer

Xy -wagonMy XY wagon 250 2V, 4-speed. Fun car, I’ve still got her! – Andre Reginald

ToranaWish I still had this, it was so clean. It was baby blue underneath – Daniel Peachey

VG-valiantVG Pacer Hardtop. Back then they were worth around $700 with 12 months rego – Laird Lee Goldring

Daniel -Addison -HX-SandmanMy 1976 HX Sandman that I paid $2000 for it in 2005 when I was 15. It took seven years to get it on the road. All original 5.0L 4-speed, 3.36 LSD, Deaville Blue metallic paint with Chamois interior. I sold it 2 years ago and kinda wish I didn’t. Miss the old girl! – Daniel Addison

R-J-Mc Kay -ToranaMy LH Torana 253, M21 4-speed, Banjo diff. I broke about 10 diff centres! – RJ McKay

Matthew -Sciciuna-I bought this for 50 blucks when I was 15 and spent 7 grand restoring every bit of her ’till the day I sold it. It was a fun car to drive, the money I got from it bought my wife’s engagement ring! – Matthew Scicluna

Ben -Kadel -GalantMy 1975 Galant that I bought in ’92. It’s getting restored and upgraded at the moment to hopefully half the 16-second 1/4 mile time – Ben Kadel

Steven -morrissey -Mazda -logoMy Mazda 808 wagon with “custom” exhaust, cut springs and Cheviot 15″ mags. I fitted a Pioneer tape deck and did the pressure pack half-black paint job. My second car was a worked 308 VB Commodore which was more exciting! – Steven Morrissey

Tim -Smith -XF-FalconI got my first registered car late last year, an XF sedan. Original 130,000km and factory 6-seater – Tim Smith

Grace -Hearne -VKMy first car and hopefully last…I love my VK! – Grace Hearne

Owen -Lambert -MorrisMy 1958 Morris Minor ute. It started as a 950cc brute and finished as a 10A rotary animal – Owen Lambert

Shane -Jenkins -XWI’m 16 and this is my first car, a 1969 XW ute. I love my Henry and it’s not going anywhere! – Shane Jenkins

Daniel -Chalker -ValiantMy 1970 VG Valiant hardtop I bought when I was 15 and did a full resto with my Dad, ready for my P plates – Daniel Chalker

Jason -Mulcahy -EHStill got mine. It’s come a long way since it was cream with 6-inch rims – Jason Mulcahy

Daimiyan -Gal -VKI got my VK Calais one month before I got my P Plates in 1997. It was a 308 with 4-speed and 17-inch Clubsport wheels – Daimiyan Gal

Clinton -Osmond -XPMy XP that I’ve had since 1990-ish (before I was allowed to drive). My first paddock bash was a VG Hardtop – Clinton Osmond

Mike -Wheeler -Escort -logoI’ve still got it in a shed for later – Mike Wheeler

Brendan -Sakowski -geminiMy 1977 Gemini coupe with an ’84 front end is still a work in progress – Brendan Sakowski

Bohdi -Smith -ute -logoThis is mine, I’m in the middle of rebuilding it – Bohdi Smith

Luke -YordonopuloThese two are my first and second cars, a ’93 EB Falcon and a ’72 HQ Premier – Luke Yordonopulo

Mat -MiniThis was back in 1993, it was my grandfather’s car. I still have it but it needs a resto now. One day! – Mat Mini

Ozzie -Collett -VKMy VH Commodore with a VK facelift. The Police loved pulling me over when I was on P plates! – Ozzie Collett

Andrew -Fisher -Falcon -logoI’ve still got it after nearly 10 years – Andrew Fischer

Damiam -Johnson -Torana28 years later and I still own it! – Damian Johnson

Stephen -Goddard -one(1) I bought this when I was 15, six years ago – Stephen Goddard

Stephen -Goddard -two(2) This is how it looks now, 355 Vortech supercharger on E85 – Stephen Goddard

Dave -DesreauxMy HG GTS that I bought in 1998 and I still have it – Dave Desreaux

We’ll have more of your photos coming shortly…