More cars the readers of Street Machine wished they'd never sold


WE HAD an overwhelmingly positive response to the first Cars We Wish We Didn’t Sell gallery which we published earlier this week, so we thought we’d do a part two! Make sure you’re following the Street Machine Facebook page so you don’t miss any of the cool interactive content we’re sharing and for your chance to have your cars featured on the website. Check out the awesome submissions below:

Michael Scott LX Torana HatchMy 1976 Torana SS V8, 4-speed. Bought it in ’85, sold it in ’95 after our first arrived and the new job meant a 100km daily round trip. Would be great to know if it’s a survivor – Michael Scott

Michael Howlett Falcon CoupePicked her up for free in ’96. Only had her for 6 months before being made to sell her. The ex wanted us to move out of her mother’s and get our own place. Should have just left her and lived in th hardtop instead – Michael Howlett

Chris Oneil LH ToranaWish I still had this – Chris Oneill

Andrew Phillips VK CommodoreI’ve owned tons of cars over my time, but this one I truly miss. ’84 VK. 202 carby, 5 speed. The motor was worked and balanced – Andrew Phillips

David Hodgson HD HoldenFeatured in Street Machine twice. Top 50 at Summernats two years running that I attended – David Hodgson

Keith Stuth XW FalconI wish I never sold this – Keith Stuth

Daniel Walkerdon LH ToranaI wish I never sold this one – Daniel Walkerden

Jason Behringer VK CommodoreMy ’85 VK featured in Commodore Crazy magazine as cover car and their 1st poster addition. Took it to the Darling Harbour & Hombush car shows & won Car of the Day at All Holden Day in ’92. Sold shortly after to buy my first house – Jason Behringer

Jevan Hart HQ One TonnerI wish I never sold this HQ One tonner – Jevan Hart

James Williams XB John GossXB John Goss, I miss you baby! – James Williams

Anthony Rampin HQ MonaroFirst car, got it when I was 16 and wasn’t ready to drive until I was 18. Should never of sold it – Anthony Rampin

Anthony Odenko XY FalconLet the ex wife have it in our divorce, only for her to sell it to pay for her next wedding – Anthony Odenko

Mazgregor Harrison HQ MonaroOne of lots I wish I still owned – Macgregor Harrison

Louis Spelta XB Falcon CoupeHelter Skelter factory Onyx Black XB GT with factory sunroof. Sold it in 1988 to buy my Mustang which i still have today – Louis Spelta

Matt Lee HQ UteRegret selling this HQ and an XC, an XY van and an XY ute. Basically regret selling every car I’ve ever had – Matt Lee

Aaron Paul Schubert LJ ToranaOne of mine circa 1989 – Aaron Paul Schubert

Don Mills LJ Torana HK MonaroRegret selling these two – Don Mills

Don Mills LJ ToranaAnd this – Don Mills

Pete Houston HX HoldenMint condition ’76 HX deluxe, three on the tree, fresh 202 with Holley, mint paint, mint interior, sold it quick for $500 back on 2003 because I was moving. Idiot that bought it off me stripped it for parts for his wagon – Pete Houston

Simon Clark HZ HoldenMy first car, I should never had sold it. I bought it off my old boss and he had owned it for 25 years. Had a lot of good times with it – Simon Clark

Steve Donohoe HoldensStill got the VL, but wish I still had any of the others! – Steve Donohoe

James Klinker NwMy wife said don’t sell it, she was right. Biggest mistake ever – James Klinker

Philip Crain XY FalconOne of the fastest street cars i have owned, had the Tony Van Zeeland 4v Clevland out of his Ford Torino drag car. Sold it Friday night and the guy wrote it off Sunday – Phillip Crain

Chris Pace XY Falcon GTThis one. I really wish I kept this one! – Chris Pace

Gee Stal HK MonaroWhat was I thinking? I wonder where she is now? – Gee Stal

Stu Levington VN Group A SSProbably should’ve kept this – Stu Lewington

Joanne Pickering LX Torana SSI’m an idiot for selling this beast. Original ’77 LX SS 308 from the factory – Joanne Pickering

Darren Gerlack VW BeetleI miss Boris all the time – Darren Gerlach

Ben Perkin XB Falcon CoupeMatching numbers GT. Factory sunroof, electric windows – Ben Parkin

Brett Ebb MKI Ford CortinaI wish I kept this MKI GT Cortina 2 door – Brett Ebb

John Giarrusso VK Group AI miss my genuine Group A VK – John Giarrusso

Mark Brereton Valiant ChargerShouldn’t have sold my Charger. Still hurts – Mark Brereton

Philip Crain Chevelle’68 Chevelle SS totally restored with a 454. t400 and 9-inch. Sold it to a mate – Phillip Crain

Adrian Rapa Ford XB GS CoupeFord XB GS Hardtop. Factory Onyx Black, factory Sunroof, V8 and manual. Sold in 1981 or 1982 – Aidrian Rapa

Malcolm Mcintosh Valiant PacerFactory Pacer with a ground-up rebuild in the mid-nineties – Malcolm McIntosh

Peter Chronis Torana SLR5000Not complaining still own a decent car but I would like to have kept this one – Peter Chronis

Shimmy Ranter Shazzam HT Panel VanSo many good times in this ‘ol girl – Shimmy Ranter Shazzam

Ben Finn Holley VF Valiant RegalMy VF Valiant Regal. I will buy it back one day – Ben Finn Holley

Grant Scarr HK GTS MonaroSold a HK GTS Bathurst model. Doh! – Grant Scarr

Jonathon White FJ HoldenBiggest regret, especially as it featured in SM – Johnathon White

Ford ZC FairlaneRegret selling my old ZC 351 Windsor Fairlane – Jimmy Haffenden-Carr

Naz Milone FC HoldenWish I didn’t sell this ’59 FC Holden – Naz Milone

Shane Hather 57 ChevRight hand drive and Holden compliance plate – Shane Hather