Video: Tuff Mounts 1990s-themed LX Torana

Tuff Mounts front man Jason Waye finishes off his latest project, a sweet LX Torana street cruiser with a dash of 90s pro street flavour


Believe it or not, the 1990s were the best part of 30 years ago, and it’s quickly becoming the decade everyone is revisiting for a nostalgia hit.

We’re seeing the same trend in car modification, and one car that perfectly personifies that is Jason Waye’s recently finished LX Torana sedan.

The boss-man of Tuff Mounts and Muscle Garage, Jason had been on the hunt for a Torana for some time before finding this primo example. “I grew up with Toranas in my late teens and early 20s, so I’d been looking for another one to relive some of that youth in,” he says.

The South Australian’s prayers were answered when he came across this tan LX sedan in Ballarat, Victoria. “The seller described it honestly, so I bought it sight unseen – barring a few photos – and then headed across to Ballarat, hoping it was as good as he said it was,” says Jason.

Luckily for him, the car well and truly exceeded his expectations. In the first video of the mini build series Jason did on the LX he goes over the car in great detail, showing how good a nick it’s really in.

While Jason kept the 308 and Trimatic ‘box the LX came with, it wasn’t long ’til the Banjo diff was binned. He wanted the Torana sitting pretty on a set of late 80s Weld Prostars, but to fit the 15x10s, the rear tubs need some embiggening.

Jason took the car to his mates at Adelaide Motorsport Fabrication, who sorted the tubs, shortened a BorgWarner diff and set up the rear coilovers. After test fitting a few different tyre sizes, Jason found a 295/50R15 street tyre was the best fit for a wide tyre to give the right stance without munching the factory wheel arch.

The final touches for the 90s pro street look included some sweet retro decals and changing the air cleaner lid and rocker covers to fluoro pink. “That was a big thing back then, Moroso would sell you dress-up kits for your engine bay with the fluoro colours, so it’s what I wanted for this car,” says Jason.

He also went to the effort of scuffing the valve covers and lid after the powder coating, so they look weathered like the rest of the car.

The car was finished in time for Oxytech’s annual pub run back in August, but unfortunately Jason couldn’t attend due to a family matter. Still, the warmer weather is upon us, so Jason has timed it perfectly to finish this ideal street cruiser, which we’re sure you’ll see out on the streets of Adelaide this summer.