Supernats at Mallala Motorsport Park 2019

Supernats moves to South Australia for its 25th anniversary event

Photographers: Troy Barker

SINCE its inception in Sydney in 1994, Supernats has had many homes, including Oran Park Raceway, Sydney Motorsport Park, Sydney Dragway and last year’s Supernats Burnout Party in Stawell, Victoria. But for 2019, Supernats took over Mallala Motorsport Park, just north of Adelaide, for three days of action including off-street drags, powerskids, track cruising and burnouts.

Plenty of high-quality cars turned out, including Dave Cufone’s Nova, Tom Beltrame’s Land Cruiser, Jason Ballard’s HELLRAZOR Holden Cruze and Jono Kelly’s 3FIVE5 VK Commodore.
“The weekend turned out excellent,” said Supernats promoter Ahmet ‘The Mad Turk’ Sehirligil.

“For our first event in Adelaide, I’m overwhelmed and impressed. From the minute I first walked into Mallala, it felt just like Oran Park. It’s inland and dry too, so we didn’t have to worry about the rain. I can’t thank the management team here enough for giving us the opportunity.

“The competitors have been great and really well behaved. I do this to keep the kids off the street and give people a friendly environment, with all the safety stuff in place to have fun.” Ahmet had some fun of his own behind the wheel of his KE20 Corolla, SENDIT.

1. It was great to see Dave Cufone’s new Nova at Supernats. Powered by a 385ci Mopar NASCAR motor, the car looks stunning and sounds insane!

2. This HQ Monaro had everyone’s eyes out on stilts. “It’s an old drag car, running an LS, Turbo 400 and heaps of rubber,” said its owner Paul. “It hooks up really well and goes straight, so I’m happy with that. I skid the car as well, but the drags are great – it’s like being fired out of a shanghai!”

3. Corey Turnbull’s VK Berlina runs a Magnuson-blown LS3, backed by a six-speed and 3.7:1 rear end. “It’s on about its third engine combo now and made 498rwkW on the dyno yesterday,” Corey said. “I didn’t build it to be the fastest thing in the world; I just built it to enjoy, and the six-speed is good for that.”

4. Justin Horricks’s FG Falcon is dubbed CONFUSED due to the blown LS sticking out of the bonnet. “The car used to be called FOLDEN,” said Justin. “I bought it, put my own running gear in it and changed a few things. Brett Niddrie has had a play around with the tune, so we’ll see how we go. This is its first outing, but if we can get the tyres off and drive back in, we’ll be winning.”

5. Guy Carla’s ’75 Mazda Capella is running an aspirated LS1, backed by a TH700, 3800rpm stall and BorgWarner diff. So far it’s run a best of 11.1 seconds down the quarter. “I’ve done the rotary thing before,” Guy said. “I had an orange RX-2 that ran 9.5 back in the day. I sold that car for a song 14 years ago! That hurt, but now I’ve got this little machine. Next I’ll tub it and possibly put a turbo on it.”

6. Garth Spalding’s stealthy VB Commodore is packing a built and cammed LS1, running E85 and with a big turbo strapped to the side. “Before I bought it, the car ran a 9.33 with a stock engine, so it should go well into the eights,” said Garth. “It’s a fun car,” he continued. “Definitely, if you have the bonnet closed nobody knows what to expect. It doesn’t get much attention until you start it up, and then it gets a lot! I’ve just cruised the track and done some skids so far; it skates all the way down the straight when you get onto boost. Bye-bye traction!”

7. Blade Marper’s six-speed VE SS wagon is a bit of late model fun, using a Magnuson blower to up the grunt to the 400kW mark. “I fucking love it here,” he said. “I blew the rear bar off or part of it. I’ve had it at the drags and run a 12.3, wheelspinning on the 20-inch wheels.

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