Summernats 32 Burnout Masters finals – Video

All the burnout action and results from the final day of Street Machine Summernats 32


IT WAS crunch time on the pad at Street Machine Summernats 32 on Sunday, with the Burnout Masters title on the line.

Sicko MustangJake Myers took home the cherries this year, winning the Burnout Masters competition in emphatic style in his S1CKO Windsor-powered ’66 Mustang. Jake already has numerous burnout competition wins to his name, but this was his first Masters win – the perfect way to kick off his 2019.

cemblo vkTim Brown in the CEMBLO VK Calais took out second place, with Rick Fuller’s LSONE VK in third.

Inferno land cruiserOther notable Masters performances included Thomas Beltrame in the INFERNO Land Cruiser, who destroyed the pad in a true display of skill, using almost every inch of the pad. Andrew Pool’s IBLOWN Commodore was much the same, burning rubber all over the pad.

Holden MonaroThe Masters top 10 shootout wasn’t without its troubles. Fred Watson’s run in the FEAR Monaro ended prematurely, with the car having to be flat-towed off the pad. Rick Fuller’s new FULL ON VF Holden ute coughed and spluttered on the startline, forcing him to slowly roll out onto the pad before throwing the green machine into a cloud of dying tyres with a ruthless neutral drop.

Check out the video for all the action.