Highlights from the Summernats 31 Supercruise as blown burnout cars, drag cars and tough streeters steal the show

Videographers: Brad Miskiewicz

THE SATURDAY Supercruise is always a highlight of Summernats, and the thirty-first event was no exception. While many of the Top 60 cars didn’t make it out of the Elite Hall, and there was a notable absence of Burnout Masters cars, it was still a tops night.

 To warm things up we had three crazy dudes on motorcross bikes, doing all kinds of crazy tricks, flips and huge jumps out on the oval as the Carnage Turbo Taxi and MX5.7 got ready to lead the Summernats 31 Supercruise around the trotting track as the sun set.

 Hero cars like Dustin Goldsmith’s monstrous blown VE ute and Steve Grima’s LAUNCH Camaro were met with a wall of smiling faces and waving arms as the stands and spectator hills packed out with families and punters. Lunatic Lane and Tuff Street were dead by comparison.

 This year Street Machine also had two cars in the Supercruise which got a big reaction from the punters. Of course we had the Turbo Taxi out cutting laps, which was met with countless cab jokes, and the twin-turbo LS-powered Mazda MX5.7 caught plenty of eyeballs until it overheated for the second time that day.

 The Thundamentals and Wolfmother commenced rocking out on the main stage shortly after an epic fireworks display and the SM team soaked up some Cougars at the VIP Party hosted in the awesome Cougar Cave along with Farmtruck and Azn, the boys from 1320Video, some of the Mighty Car Mods clan and even AFL legend Barry Hall was there!