Farmtruck and Azn from Street Outlaws take our Carnage MX5.7 twin-turbo V8-powered MX-5 for a drive around Summernats

Videographers: Matt Reekie

WE’RE not sure how Farmtruck and AZN from Street Outlaws felt when we asked them to drive our MX-5 (sold as a Miata in the US), but they seemed pretty impressed when they saw the 800hp beast in the flesh. So we threw the guys the keys to our twin-turbo LS1-powered tyre-destroyer and pointed them down Tuff Street at Summernats 31.

 “In the States this would be a girl’s car, so it’s a little embarrassing,” AZN said before he hopped in, “but you’ve got enough meat in the back and enough push in the front to be acceptable.”

 “This is a girl’s car, but with a lot of man under the hood,” Farmtruck added.

 Scotty had already taken the MX-5 for four test laps in the 36-degree (Celsius) heat and the engine temperature never went above 90 degrees, so naturally when we handed the keys to AZN the thermo fans died on us and the poor little Mazda came back puking coolant all over the ground. But the guys survived their trip down Tuff Street and hopefully came back with a newfound respect for Mazda Miatas.

 As for Scotty, we hear that he’s looking to get that mullet wig surgically attached for the Mazda’s next big trip, which will be Powercruise Tasmania on the Australia Day weekend.

Thanks to all our partners that have helped out with this crazy build, including:

* Valvoline

* MPW Performance

* Powerhouse Engines

* All Race Fabrications

* Bling Designs

* Haltech

* GCG Turbochargers

* Turbosmart

* Plazmaman

* LsXtreme

* Allfast Torque Convertors

* ICE Ignitions

* Aussie Desert Coolers

* Raceworks

* Victorian Speed Pro

* K&N Filters