Presenting all the winners of the Street Machine Summernats Top Judged award


WHILE the Grand Champion gong is the pinnacle award at Street Machine Summernats, for builders of elite showcars, Top Judged is the one they want to win. To get there, you’ll need to make the Elite Top 10 and then place at the top of that list. The fact that the honour roll of Top Judged winners has Rex Webster and his FJ Holden as the first winner is fitting for a car that set a new standard for elite show cars in this country. Who will win at Summernats 33? Stay tuned right here to find out!

Top Judged

1 Rex Webster

2 Scott McLachlan

3 Ron Barclay

4 Howard Astill

5 Ron Barclay

6 Peter Collier

7 Frank Rejtano

8 Frank Rejtano

9 John Riskas

10 Ed Brodie

11 Mark Jones

12 John Portelli

13 Howard Astill

14 Darryl McBeth

15 Mark Jones

16 Rod Hadfield

17 Anthony Sant

18 Gary Myers

19 Bruno Gianoncelli

20 Bruno Gianoncelli

21 Ditch Jones

23 Graeme Cowin

22 Darrell Leemhuis

24 Peter Fitzpatrick

25 Leisa Chinnock

26 Mick Fabar

27 Leisa Chinnock

28 John Saad

29 John Saad

30 Peter Hinz

31 Grahame/Colin Barker

32 Robert Zahabi