Skid Row Gallery – Street Machine Summernats 33

Skid Row went off with an even bigger bang at the ‘Nats

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Luke Hunter, Ashleigh Wilson

STREET Machine Summernats 33 saw the second year of the ferociously popular Skid Row, with lines often out the door and spewing onto the cruise route as entrants queued for their shot at 30 seconds of smokey fame.

Located right next to the infamous Tuff Street, Skid Row was introduced at Street Machine Summernats 32 as a means of giving any entrant the ability to lay rubber at will, without the temptation of vandalising the cruise route. Despite it only being the second year running for Skid Row, it’s already hard to imagine Summernats without it. For this year, the organisers decided to give Skid Row a bit of a jazz up with more spectator viewing room, a viewing platform and big screen TV.

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Pumping from mid-morning until late afternoon most days, it wasn’t an uncommon site to see the neighbouring Cougar Cave and Canna Main Arena oval coated in copious amounts of burnt rubber smoke as anything and everything from 1500hp purpose built burnout machines to 300hp bangers all laid their claim as the kings of Skid Row, wetting the appetite of the burnout-hungry punters in between the pro competitions taking place on the burnout pad. We even hit up the burnt patch of road in our own MX-5 and Volvo Carnage project cars, which you’ll see in upcoming episodes.

Stars of the show included Jake Myers in the S1CKO Mustang, coating the surrounding fans in a bellow of coloured tire smoke that left them screaming for more.

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With no plans of slowing down we expect Skid Row will soon become the most popular driving event on the Summernats schedule, both for the thousands of entrants and the punters lining the fence for a bath of smokey goodness.