Video: Summernats 36 day two

Killer action from day two of Street Machine Summernats 36

Photographers: Chris Thorogood, Shaun Tanner

What a massive day two of Street Machine Summernats 36! For today’s video, we tracked down the owners of a bunch of our favourite cars for a chat, including the legendary HQFORU Monaro, Jack Mill’s insane Suzuki Swift, and the new-look Castlemaine Rod Shop LC Torana.

We also hit Skid Row and caught up with Jesse Scott for a look at the mental Keep it Reet VL Commodore wagon.

The Victorian lads from the Hackshop Garage YouTube show have three cars up for the festivities this year, including Nathan Camilleri’s turbo SOHC NF Fairlane, his brother Daniel’s VK Commodore, and Daniel Ludviksen’s turbo-LS VY SS ute.

Plus, there are skids galore, including the remainder of the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout, Burnout Championship eliminations and Burnout Masters qualifying. Phew!

Today was also our first chance to soak in the full Top 60 after the madness of the Great Uncover ceremony last night.

And in other news, South Aussie madman Jay Duca made it to the Nats against all odds to cruise in his slammed, quad-rotor VL.

Come nightfall, we were spoiled for choice in terms of entertainment. Inside EPIC, the house was well and truly rocked by the Screaming Jets, Grinspoon and Daryl Braithwaite. But equally entertaining was the Fringe Festival in Braddon.