Mark Siracusa and Matt Cowan's ONIT Torana hits the wall during Burnout Masters Qualifying at Summernats 30

Videographers: Peter Flint

SUMMERNATS takes no prisoners when it comes to the burnout pad. Those concrete walls loom large when drivers try and tip in at high speed; as Mark Siracusa found out with the ONIT Torana he shares with Matt Cowan. The show quality Torana came in a little too hot and hammered the wall head on.

The bright green beast is powered by a blown 511ci big-block Chev and was built to drag, show and do massive skids. Since its debut at Summernats 28 the Torana has won Tuff Street Overall twice and scored a slew of trophies at shows all around the country. With the guys starting to explore the art of frying tyres, both Cowan and Siracusa qualified for the National Burnout Masters during the year. Matt was the third car to hit the pad during the Masters qualifying session this afternoon and he smoked out the pad from end to end; we’ll be surprised if he’s not in the Top 10. Mark was one of the last cars to come out and he looked keen to earn a spot in Sunday’s final with a massive tip in that carried just a little too much speed and ended up with the nose of the Torana embedded into the wall on the other side of the pad.

Not the best result for the former Street Machine cover car but with Matt qualifying for the Masters finals, we reckon the guys will pull out all the stops to get the car ready for Sunday. Wouldn’t that just be the perfect ending to a massive weekend at Summernats 30.