PETER Grmusa took a new car to Street Machine Summernats 30 after he retired his monstrous XR Falcon late last year. Pete must've got sick of cleaning the sparkling paint on the old Falcon because his new Ford F100 burnout car is a bit more rough and ready - though it still rides on big-inch alloys and packs a pretty serious blown and injected combo up front. 

Dubbed 'FDIS' the F truck was chosen to take on the Summernats Last Chance Wildcard burnout comp on Thursday and compete for a spot in the Masters. Still learning how to control the new car, Pete ended up nosing her into the wall and had to pull reverse to avoid damaging his 'bodywork'. That meant he didn't make the cut for the Masters

Still he went full tilt in the lesser Burnout Championship on Sunday and put in a textbook perfect skid to take home third place. Peter will have his new car turning tyres at his Extreme Power Fest event on Australia day weekend up in Shepparton. 

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