Street Machine Summernats People’s Choice Hall of Fame

Presenting all the winners of the Street Machine Summernats People’s Choice since 1988


The People’s Choice award at Street Machine Summernats is a highly sought-after prize for car builders. Not only does it reflect the will of the people, but it plays a vital role in determining who will win the Grand Champion sword. Winning or performing strongly in People’s Choice gives a car a real leg-up!

And because People’s Choice is all about what the public think is cool, the list is pretty much a stone-cold array of pure awesome. Who will win at Street Machine Summernats 33? Stay tuned right here.

People’s Choice Winners

11988Greg Carlson
21989Howard Astill
31990Ron Barclay
41991Leo Janssen
51992Bill Neskovski
61993Con & Vic Elfes
71994Craig Christensen
81995Brian Willis
91996Peter Fitzpatrick
101997Ron Zelukovic
111998Ed Brodie
121999Troy Hillier
132000Mark Jones
142001Peter Fitzpatrick
152002Drago Ostric
162003Ben Gatt
172004Anthony Sant
182005Gary Myers
192006Aaron Fitzpatrick
202007Joe Agnello
212008Joe Lore
222009Joe Lore
232010Graeme Cowin
242011Peter Fitzpatrick
252012Ben Sargent
262013Mick Fabar
272014Terry Mourched
282015Nathan Borg
292016Grant Connor
302017Simon Mokdassi
312018Dave Xuereb
322019Dean Wilson
332020Gareth Lougher
Summernats Slam2021(no award)
342022Marcus Nikolic, VL Calais
352023Peter Lewis, XC Falcon
362024Joe Bauer, 1968 Dodge Charger coupe