The wildcards of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

Wrangling some of the unique stuff that's in the running for YSMOTY!


It takes all sorts of rides to make Milwaukee Tools Young Street Machine of the Year the wildly varied competition it is, from classic muscle to modern performance, and everything in-between.

We’ve already brought you some of the top picks from the Ford, Holden, and Mopar camps (with a huge Japanese roundup coming), so here’s a smattering of cool wildcard entries!

Remember, entries close this Sunday, April 30, so if you’re 24 or under, get your pics and words in now for a shot at an SM feature, $2500 cash from the legends at Milwaukee, and supreme bragging rights! Click here for more info and entry details.

Isaac Bevin – Chevrolet Silverado

“This is my ’76 C20 Silverado, with an ’88 cab. I got it off my grandad two or three years ago. It was a tow truck with a Chev six-cylinder; now it’s got a 350 SBC with a mild cam, Edelbrock Performer manifold, four-barrel Holley, and a set of Pacemakers with sprint car mufflers, mated to a 4L60E. She’s not the prettiest but sounds unreal! Plans are to do a 454 big-block swap and restore the paint to make it look like a 454SS, maybe even put a tow truck boom on the back just because, and drive the hell out of it!”

Duncan Allen – Volkswagen Beetle

“I learnt to drive in this car when it was stock as a rock, and now it’s bombed, I’m learning to drag race in it! It’s got a 2387cc mill built by myself with all the best bits available, including a CB Performance 86mm crank, AA 94mm pistons, 5.7” CB Super Race Rods, Scat C65 cam, Engel lifters, CB Street Eliminator heads, 51mm IDA carb, and 11.5:1 compression to make this baby bark! I’ve got two gearboxes for this Bug; one for the street with tall highway gears and one built for eighth-mile so it sings to 8000rpm in 4th. Inside it’s fitted with a race seat and four-point cage, because safety first!” Instagram @_duncan_allen_

Ain Morrison – Hyundai Excel

“Here’s a ’97 twin-cam Hyundai Excel. I originally bought it with a blown engine when I was 17, with the goal of making it into a fully built Circuit Excel competition car. It is now nearing completion for an entry-level car, with my first Circuit Excel event coming up next month. Over the last two years, the car has been stripped to almost a bare shell in my driveway and rebuilt with all the goodies you’d want! It’s taught me lifelong skills in mechanical aspects, fabrication and bodywork.” Instagram @10thgear1

Jesse Scott – Pontiac Bonneville

“Here is my 1980 Pontiac Bonneville with an optioned 403ci mill. Behind that is a 4L60 box that shifts like butter, surprisingly! The car was imported from America brand new in 1980, and the right-hand-drive conversion was done through the dealer. It’s currently sitting on some 16-inch stock Pontiac wheels with some gorgeous hubcaps. It is all original and drives like a cloud; it’s nicknamed The Mobsta!”

Jayden Gray – Chevrolet Camaro

“I’ve had this 1968 Camaro since I was a second year apprentice mechanic. After two years of racing and enjoyment I decided to strip it down for a rebuild with all brand-new parts, panels etc. I refreshed the engine as I’ve built a few motors in my spare time and love drag racing. It’s running a nitrous-fed Dart 406ci SBC backed by an SFI ’Glide and shortened nine-inch. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s running and driving and will hopefully be finished in a couple of months. It’s been a five-year project so far.” Instagram @jaydeng406

Kate Dawson – Morris Oxford

“I am ‘the chick in the Morrie.’ The restoration of my 1956 Morris Oxford proves you can really do anything you put your mind to. In 2020 I took Melbourne’s pandemic lockdowns as an opportunity to dedicate my time and energy to restoring this classic Morris. The car arrived on a tow truck with no interior, a cracked front window, and no back window, but it was genuine love at first sight. Having previously had the opportunity to help my father restore a 1964 EH Holden wagon, this Morris was my opportunity to show my passion.”

Ajay Kandilas – BMW E12

“This is my 1977 BMW E12. I have had this car since I was 12. It has an I6 with triple Webers, and goes hard with the four-speed manual and Alpine speaker set-up.” Instagram @aj_2007

Aaron McInnes – Chevrolet El Camino

“I have my 1960 El Camino. It’s running a worked, high-comp 350 small-block, fully manualised Turbo 400 ‘box and a Ford nine-inch rear with an LSD and with 3.55:1 gears.” Instagram @aaron_mcinnes_

We’re still getting more ripper entries daily, so stay tuned here and on our social channels for more via the #ysmoty tag.