Holdens of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

A sample of some of the awesome submissions from the lion pride for our 2023 Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year


The second running of our Milwaukee Tools Young Street Machine of the Year is off to a cracking start, with plenty of entries of from all sorts of makes, models and build styles putting their hands up for a shot at the grand prize: $2500 cash and a feature in the magazine!

This time we’re focusing on some of the cool and unique Holdens that’ve been entered, with something for just about everyone.

Entries are still live, but close soon on April 30. So, if you’re 24 or under with a cool car, make sure you get entered before it’s too late. You can enter by simply following this link, and make sure to use the #ysmoty hashtag on your socials.

Caelin Pavich – HSV VZ Maloo

“Only 50 Devil Yellow VZ Maloos were built, with only 20 being manual. I got this one when I was 20 years old in 2020, pre-Covid tax. It makes 625rwhp at hubs, with a 403ci stroker, Harrop 1900 blower, twin throttle manifold and upgraded fuel system running E85. It also has a Truetrac diff, 1 7/8in extractors to a twin three-inch exhaust, and HSV Pentagon rims.” Instagram @caelinpavich_

Christian Grima – 1962 EK Holden Special

“My car is a 1962 EK Holden Special. It’s fitted with a 179hp Holden six, which has a mild cam, Holley 350 carb and extractors. Underneath it has a HR Holden front end fitted, Celica five-speed manual ‘box and Banjo diff also from a HR. In saying that, I’m in the middle of fitting the car with a nine-inch diff, and so far it’s been a great little rat-rod style car for me to learn on.” Instagram @christian.grima, Tik Tok christian_grima

Caitlin Leahy – 1995 HSV VR Clubsport

“I’m the proud owner of a 1995 HSV VR Senator 185i in Sherbrooke Green with Devonish interior. Not long ago I decided that I wanted an early HSV, and I had been looking around for a little while checking out cars here and there, and then I found my VR and instantly fell in love. I came to learn the history of the previous owner, and it turns out she was also a lady who treated it like her pride and joy. Unfortunately, the car was put up for sale after she passed away from breast cancer. I remember growing up and seeing this car and wishing it would be mine someday, and now it is!” Instagram @caitlyn.leahy11

James Ballantyne – 1972 HQ Holden ute

“This is my ‘72 HQ ute, a factory 2 seater 308 4 speed car that I’ve resto modded. It was all self-built in the home garage. It had a body-off sandblast, with all the rust repaired and resprayed in red. It has twin side exit exhausts breathing through a pair of lowered sills I fitted during the rust repair. It’s also been four-linked and coil converted, rolling on a set of Simmons -it handles like it’s on rails! It has Holley EFI, which runs a tricked-up 308 with oversized slugs and a lumpy cam. It’s paired with a manual T5, and it keeps the factory 10-bolt diff hanging on for dear life!”

Josh Bartlett – Holden VS Commodore

“This is my RB30 manual VS Commodore that I have set up to drift. It has a full custom lock kit that I’ve made myself, and also has modified Nissan C33 coilovers. To fit the RB30 I used a VL subframe and custom made a gearbox mount. She is running the stock VL ECU and loom that I have modified to fit to the VS body. I also had to make a custom clutch pedal box out of two auto ones to adapt it to the Nissan hydraulic clutch. Me and my mate did the paint job in his garage and she isn’t perfect but good from a couple of metres away.” Instagram @josh_bartlett135

Justin Bonello – 1986 Holden VL Calais

“This is my 1986 VL Calais, my pride and joy that I’ve owned for about five years. About three years prior to buying the car I found a picture of a gold VL Calais, and I really liked the colour combo. I turned to my younger brother while we were being driven to a family event and I said to him that’s what I want. The day we went to see the car I took my now fiancée and my two brothers. The owner took us for a spin and by the time we got back I had bought the car. I take it out anytime I get a chance to cruise it, and I love it!” Instagram @justin.bonello

Matthew Thompson – Holden Gemini

“My Holden Gemini is fitted with a 12A turbo rotary, with a four speed manual. I’ve done all the work myself at home, and as well as the engine swap it has a fuel cell in the boot with a surge tank. It also has a bolt-in half cage and lots of other mods. I love it, because it looks stock as a rock (other than the Simmons) until you fire it up and hear the brap brap of the angry little rotary.” Instagram @Mattmatt2566

David Dines – 1981 Holden WB One Tonner

“This is my 1981 Holden WB One Tonner, painted in Blueprint, a colour usually found on late model Falcons. It has a mild 308, with a Trimatic and 3:55.1 diff. I’ve had this car for six months, and I built the engine and put my touches to it.” Instagram @76GMHJ

Jordan Holden – Holden VN Commodore

“It was originally just a white VN Executive with the black bumpers on it, and then the car went in for paint and I got all the SS body kit parts. The only things that got painted were the bumpers, side skirts and the boot wing so the car is actually still mostly original paint. It also has 20-inch Walkinshaw wheels, and I also got an SS interior for it recently that I’m excited to put in.” Instagram @Jordan_holden___

You can enter yourself by clicking through to this link, where entries closes on April 30.