Mopars of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

We've had some ripper Chryslers turning out this time!


The Mopar contingent in Milwaukee Young SMOTY may not be as large as the Holden or Ford crews, but they certainly go toe-to-toe when it comes to the quality of builds!

Here’s a few of the coolest Chryslers to enter YSMOTY so far. If you’re 24 or under and have a sweet Mopar (or anything else for that matter), click here for entry details! $2500 cash and serious bragging rights could be yours.

Harrison Edwards – VE Valiant

“This is my 1968 VE Valiant Regal 225 slant-six. I’ve owned the beast for four years and am the second owner. I spent over two years pulling it apart with my father and restoring her, and am still doing modifications to this day. It’s got 450,000 original miles and runs like a dream!”

Joshua Gentle – CL Valiant

“I’ve done a bit to the Val since the last time I entered YSMOTY. I recently got some whitewalls done by Sydney Whitewalls, restored the fuel tank I rebuilt, and reskinned my dash pad, which had become heavily cracked over the years. It was so bad, you could see the metal frame! I couldn’t find another one for sale, so I thought I’d teach myself and repair it in my shed, and it presents great! I still have to repair some surface rust, retrim the driver’s seat and change the front carpet. The Val looks like glass after I detailed it, and the 265 Hemi is performing like brand new! I’m very proud!”

Mitchell Jorgensen – VH Charger

“I built this 1972 VH Charger from just a shell into a street machine. It was purchased through Gumtree when I posted a ‘want to buy’ ad as a ‘hail Mary’ for my dream car. This car was then transported back home, and it took a year to build it into running condition. I completed that at age 15. The car was a cream colour, which I was not a big fan of, so it was then stripped again, painted Ferrari red and rebuilt. This was completed around the age of 16, and I drove around in it while on my learner’s. I’m currently on my Ps, and I also regularly take it to the track for fun.”

Sean Davidson – Dodge Phoenix

“My car is a 1963 Dodge Phoenix with the original 318. It’s a big, beautiful car to look at and even better to cruise on the highway with. It has soft leather bench seats front and back, making it ideal for taking passengers to meets. The paint is in good condition and still has a shiny gloss to it. The motor is in perfect health and still gives off that V8 note we all love. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my car!”