Fords of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

Some of our favourite Blue Ovals to enter YSMOTY so far!


We’ve had an awesome response to our second-ever Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year competition, with over 200 entries already rolled in.

There’s just over a week left to get your ride in (entries close April 30), so check out the details here to go in the running for a cool $2500 cash prize!

In the meantime, scroll on to get a taste of our favourite Ford entries so far. They’re a wildly varied bunch, as you’ll see!

Brayden Chesterfield – FG Falcon ute

“I got it when I was 12 as a stock XR6 trayback. I had wanted a green XR6 since I was very young. My goal was to have a ute just like PSI Junkie. Over the last three years I have worked on it with the help of my dad, who is into Falcons, and got it to where it is today. I bought a tub and prepared it, fitted the tub with a one-piece hard lid, and also got a damaged FPV-style front bar which we repaired at home and had painted. It’s also got an XR8 bonnet, sports exhaust, lowered suspension and wrapped black roof, and I recently changed the wheels again and fitted 20-inch INOVIT rims. Next is a turbo.” Instagram @brayden_royyy

Christian Cicchelli – XY Fairmont

“HEY guys, my name is Christian, I’m 20 years old. I have been into cars since a young age thanks to my father. This is my 1970 XY GS, backed by a 393 Cleveland with a C10 auto and a 9-inch diff. This car is special to me because it was my first car, and I built and put the running gear in with my father and my good friends.” Instgram @Chich747

Grant Azzopardi – Ford Anglia

“It’s a 1948 Anglia panel van. My father and I bought it for me to build and do something different with it. The van has a Barra engine backed up with a TH400 ’box and nine-inch diff. The whole build was done at home between my father and I. The car was built from the ground up, starting with building a full chassis and roll cage. The sheet metal, welding, panelbeating and fabrication was all done by my dad. There’s nothing standard left on this car. Every part is custom. It took two years to build and now it’s time to cruise and enjoy it, as we just finished it for a while, at least until after my P-plates where bigger plans await!”

Anthony Zammit – XH Falcon

“My name is Anthony and this is my XR6 mockup 1998 Ford XH panel van. Exterior-wise, there’s an EL XR front, with a BA XR8 bonnet bulge and Tickford badges. Inside are FG XR seats, custom overhead unit, custom boombox, rear lighting and mattress. The sound system is two Cadence 10-inch subwoofers, two 6×9-inch Kenwood speakers, two four-inch Kicker speakers and a Cadence 1800w amp. Up front is an EL XR6 motor with a Crow cam, Pacemaker extractors and MLS head gasket, paired to a BTR 4-speed and 3.23 diff. There’s also a 2.5-inch exhaust. It rolls on Center Line Auto Drags; 15×7 fronts and 15×8.5 rears. The whole car was done at home by my dad and I, from start to finish.” TikTok: _last_x_

James Vella – KE Laser TX3

“I bought the car for $500 when I was 16, and since then I’ve given it a full restoration inside and out! It got a full respray inside and out, I replaced the interior with immaculate interior pieces, and installed a full sound system. I’m slowly building a turbo motor for it too! I’ve done all the work myself (though I had help from my dad with the paint), and it’s been a good learning experience. You don’t see these cars any more, and every time I take it out I always get someone complimenting the car!” Instagram @Jamesvellla

Stefan Cvetkovic – MK.II Escort

“Here is my 1980 Ford Escort RS2000. You don’t really see many of these cars any more, as all the older car lovers either rally them or keep them tucked away. My Escort is powered by the factory Pinto two-litre, with a built head and twin 45 DCOE Webers, standard four-speed with heavy duty clutch, and full exhaust. The car looks the part with the old three-piece B45 Simmons and chrome drop tank. I call it ‘the mini Torana!’. I decided to buy this car for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t really see many of the younger generation with Escorts these days, and it’s also a car my dad loves.”

Alex Turnbull – XC Fairmont

“My XC Fairmont runs a 408ci Cleveland with a 250hp shot of nitrous, a manualised, reverse-pattern and transbraked Paul Rogers TH400, nine-inch diff and 15×6 and 15×8.5 Convo Pros. It’s painted in Mulberry metallic. It was my father’s car and has been in the family for 17 years. He drag raced it for several years, and after that he handed it down to me. In the three years I’ve had it I’ve built the 408 for it and had the TH400 built also. My goal is to enter Drag Challenge with it. I had entered Summernats but had problems which have been fixed now. My goal is to run a nine-second ¼-mile pass.” Instagram @alexs_automotive_adventures

Crystelle Xuereb – Ford Anglia

“This is my 1962 105E Anglia Deluxe. I’ve had this car since I was 14 and I’m so happy with the progress so far. She’s currently got a stock 1100cc motor but I’m building a 1600cc out of a MK.2 GT Cortina with my dad and uncle, who owns Mansweto Racing. I’ll also be putting in a five-speed Celica gearbox and Mk.2 Cortina brakes. My full intention with this car is to be able to show it and drag race it and get it out as much as I can for a good cruise.” Instagram @crystellesgarage

Aaron McInnes – Ford F100

“Here is my 1955 F100 panel truck, which I have been building for my house deposit. I just finished building a 351 Windsor with some upgrades. I painted the block in the body colour and every nut and bolt is stainless. I built a C6 gearbox for it too; I have also converted it to disc brakes and am doing a full wiring tuck so nothing will be seen in the engine bay. I have worked seven days a week to finish this thing for as long as I can remember. It’s a lot to do by yourself with limited hours to spare.” Instagram @aaron_mcinnes_

Henry Hayes – XE Falcon

“Here’s my 1983 Ford XE Falcon GL. It’s a factory 250 crossflow, four-speed manual car. It’s a fully restored car with a brand new interior top to bottom, with restored steelies, lowered suspension all-’round, and resprayed in its original Bahama Beige colour. The car was saved by the previous owner from a paddock down in Batlow during the 2019 bushfires. Since I’ve owned the car I’ve brought it back to life just in time for P-plate cruising. It’s special to me because since I was been a little kid I’ve always loved the XE Falcons, and owning one and doing it up to the version I’ve wanted it to become is a dream come true.” Instagram @_.henry250._

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