Red CentreNATS 2018 burnout qualifying – Video

Friday's Red CentreNATS Burnout Championship and Burnout Masters qualifying

Photographers: Nathan Jacobs

THE burnouts were back in style at Alice Springs Inland Dragway yesterday, with a healthy field of competitors trying their hands at qualifying for either the regular burnout competition or the Burnout Masters at Red CentreNATS.

In the wake of last year’s tragedy, spectator areas and procedures were extensively reworked for this year’s event. A big crowd was on hand to enjoy the show and kick off the event as a whole.

There was a lot of new talent on display and some cool combinations that we haven’t seen in action before. Justin Bell’s MUTANT 410 sprintcar-powered VY ute being a prime example!

One of the big attractions at Red CentreNATS for burnout competitors is the fact that is that three Golden Tickets to the Street Machine Summernats 31 Burnout Masters are up for grabs.

And the qualifiers for the Red CentreNATS Masters comp are:

Grahame Rowe

Tim Barby

Daniel Andre

Phil Kerjean

Frank Paesel

Aaron Strauss

Mitch Mitchell

Harley Davis

Dylan Kibblewhite

Jay Chun Tie

Plus: Keelan Heit (SKRTLIFTA), Sean Basford (SKIDRAGIN) and Sam Davey (DAMAGE) – all of whom made their way into the Burnout Masters final via strong performances in the regular comp.

The regular burnout competition finals kick off at 11am tomorrow and the Masters finals run from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. Check out the Red CentreNATS Facebook page for the live stream.