Gallery: Burnout Qualifying at Red CentreNATS 2021

A bit of rain didn't stop Alice Springs turning out in force to see the start of a weekend of burnouts at Red CentreNATS

Photographers: Ashleigh Wilson, Tim McNicol

For the first time in the history of the event, the rain bucketed down in Alice Springs for Red CentreNATS. That didn’t stop the cruising, but it did threaten to put a large, damp spanner in the works for the all-important burnout qualifying at Red CentreNATS.

Luckily, the rain eased off in the afternoon and a few brave souls volunteered to take their cars out onto the soaking pad to dry it off for the Burnout Championship and Burnout Masters qualifying.

There were a stack of cool new rides strutting their stuff, but Daniel Lockyea’s VF Maloo really had our eyes out on stalks. The build was finished just in time for the event and it is high quality stuff. Graeme Horner knocked up the engine combo, which consists of a 366ci cast iron LS motor, topped by a mechanically-injected 6/71 pump. Slick paint, full trim and details such as electric power steering mark it out as a comprehensive build.

After an action packed night, the Burnout Championship qualifying panned out thusly:

* Adam Howell* Cohen Walters* Ben Harkins* Derek Coulson* Michael Sheridan* Frank Paesel* Jakwyn Totani* Sir Jim* Kyl Preuss* Steven Cliff* Robert McEwan* Ben Martin* Ash Brown* Sam Pratt* Michael Oregan* Zak Giles* Peter Barnes* AJ Lowe* Craig Lockyer* Mark Neverov* Nathan Howell* Brett Adcock* Kristan Butler

Both Craig Hawke in his MONGREL Suzuki Jimny and Paul Coulson in the BORROWED HQ one-tonner were elevated to the Burnout Masters final as a result of their performances in the Burnout Championships qualifying

The Burnout Master field is top-quality, despite Victorian and NSW-based competitors being excluded from the event due to border rules.

* Jono Kelly* Jay Chun Tie* Kev Davis* Casey Tolcher* Brad Scroop* Luke Taylor* Peter Mathews* David Cufone* Bradley Moar* Warren Gersekowski* Craig Hawke* Paul Coulson

Our picks of the Masters were Jono Kelly’s VK, Jay Chun Tie’s Tiny Towing Suzuki and Kev Davis in the EPA WHO VZ ute.

Jay’s sister Leteisha has new paint and a new engine combo in our PARTYTIME VK. Leteisha came out early for a brief test hit after having throttle issues earlier in the day, then returned later in the night for a shot at a spot in the Masters finals. She didn’t make the cut, but the VK was looking oh-so good.

Today is all about the drags out at Alice Springs Inland Dragway, though Skid Row will be running all day if you can’t wait for the burnout finals on Sunday afteroon. Keep an eye out on the Red CentreNATS Facebook page for live streams throughout the event.