Red CentreNATS: The Grand Champions

All the cars that have claimed the top gong at Red CentreNATS


Red CentreNATS 2023 kicks off next weekend in Alice Springs and killer cars from all over the country are set to flood into town ready for the big one

The Grand Champion title fight is looking to be a big one, with some real heavy hitters in the mix. Amongst them are  Paul Tinning’s Viper V10-powered XP Falcon and some former Grand Champions including Brent Murray’s Dodge Dart. 

We’ll bring you all the action as the weekend progresses, but for now, let’s suss out the full list of previous winners

2015: John Curwen-Walker, FX Holden

2016: Gregg Foss, XP Fairmont

2017: Layton Crambrook, HUMBLE HQ GTS Monaro.

2018: Troy David, PRIMED FJ Holden ute

2019: Brent Murray, EVL68 Dodge Dart

2020: Grame Miller, EH Holden sedan

2021: Billy Shelton, VL Commodore – SICKEST

2022 Nigel Warr, HQ Holden ute

2023, Brent Murray, Dodge Dart