Mopar wins Red CentreNATS Grand Champion

Brent Murray becomes the first two-time Red CentreNATS Grand Champ!


We had a bumper crop of hopefuls front for the chance to be the Red CentreNATS #9 Grand Champion this year.

Among the front runnners (in our humble estimation) was Paul Tinning’s insane-but-legal, twin-turbo Viper V10-powered XP Falcon, Lee Povey’s seven-second VL Calais, Judith Menso’s uber-sweet LX Torana hatch, Brendan Findlay’s VE coupe and RCN #5 Grand Champ, Brent Murray’s Dodge Dart.

Red CentreNATS #9 Grand Champ contenders

  • Lee Povey, VL Calais
  • Radek Saitz, XM Falcon ute
  • Neil Ingram, Isuzu Bellett
  • Dilan Saitz, Ford Model T
  • Paul Tinning, XP Falcon
  • Brett Parkes, TD Cortina
  • Craig Ferguson, HT Holden van
  • Kevin Jones, HZ Holden van
  • Paul Rockes, EK Holden van
  • Mark Levinge, VC Valiant
  • Judith Menso, LX Torana hatch
  • Brendan Findlay, VE coupe
  • Brent Murray, Dodge Dart
  • Geoff Houlden, FX Holden

However, it was Brent Murray’s work behind the wheel of his Dodge Dart/Valiant hardtop that won the day for the second time! It is a very cool car and you can read our full feature from 2016 here.