Burnouts, cruising – and ride-on mower racing? Yep, there was all that and more over in WA for the 24th annual Narrogin Revheads


’TIS the season to do burnouts, and over in WA, that meant it was time for Narrogin Revheads. Narrogin, about 200 clicks south-east of Perth, has played host to this annual weekend-long horsepower-fest for 24 years now, and this year they made the burnout pad bigger – after all, bigger is better when it comes to pads!

MOBSTER Burnout 8146The guard rails had been painted pink, but that didn’t seem to help the competitors much, as many still managed to hit them on occasion. I usually team up with Ryan Annear from and sit in the tent at the side of the pad entry, surrounded by fencing and guard rails, but some cars definitely got a tad too close for comfort. Still, everyone definitely made good use of the extra pad size, with some very entertaining displays of tyre-frying mayhem.

Narrogin Rev Heads 5634This year’s event also saw the inclusion of 50cc bikes down on the motocross track, as well as displays from the newly formed Boddington Ride-on Racing Mowers Club – I tell you what, seeing these things racing was giving me ideas!

VX Commodore Burnout 5624On Saturday there was the street cruise through town, and the show ’n’ shine on the oval, while Sunday was basically pack-up day; alternatively, you could thrash your car on the pad until it died or you ran out of tyres!

Rusty Hot Rod Burnout 8297There was also some non-automotive entertainment for those who needed a break from the tyre smoke. On the Friday night DJs played up near the clubrooms, while on Saturday night Craig Cuthel brought along his AC/DC tribute band, Live Wire, for some good ol’ rock ’n’ roll that kept the punters thrashing until way past my bedtime.

Holden VL Blown Burnout 5717Attendance numbers appeared to be up on last year, which is an encouraging sign; without people getting out to attend these non-metro shows we wouldn’t have the variety in the sport that we have now.

Now, if I can just finish off my Gemini I’ll be in there with the rest of ’em!

MENACE Mercedes Burnout 5591Cliff Brockwell giving MENACE some curry

VX Commodore Burnout 5682Shane Gardiner gets ’em off in HELLBOUND

Holden Torana Hatch Burnout 5684CAVIAR smokes out the crowd once more

Mitsubishi Sigma 5697SKIDMA

FEAR Monaro Burnout 5708Fred Watson on his way to first place this year in his FEAR Monaro

Holden VL Blown Burnout 5712Chris Orchard going for second place in his blown VL Calais

MOBSTER Burnout 5735Hand controls mean doors must be shut or else you loose ya water bottle!

MOBSTER Burnout 5738Grant Boxall’s MOBSTER giving the crowd some summer therapy

Ford XB Falcon Burnout 5757Nathan Monson’s TROPPO looking as sharp as ever

Holden VS Ute Burnout 5777Clayton Farmer always gives FARMIND some beef

Ford XF Falcon Burnout 5839Cole Zilko seems to have his XF sorted really well

Ford EB Falcon BARK Burnout 8551‘Nelg’ Taylor giving BARK some stick

Ford XM Wagon Burnout 8151Clint Ackland’s ‘olds cool’ XM wagoon

Holden WB BADWB Burnout 8200Jason Ballard giving BADWB it’s name

Holden HZ Ute Burnout 8212Nik Green’s Helcamino

VN Commodore Wagon Burnout 8250Tom Peters dropping by to say hello!

VX Commodore Burnout 8289Shane Gardiner placed third this year

VY Commodore Ute 8334Mick Hamon pounces in WIDE OPEN

Falcon Burnout FERAL 8353Earl Salter always gives a good show in FERAL

Ford XY GT Falcon Burnout 8470
Doug Allen is the local pad hero