Summernats 35 Wildcard Shootout contenders announced

Thirty three desperados will go head-to-head on day one of Street Machine Summernats of 35 for just three shots at Burnouts Masters glory

Photographers: Simon Davidson, Jordan Leist, Michelle Porobic

The list of Last Chance Wildcard contenders for Street Machine Summernats 35 has been released today and it makes some interesting reading.

Only three will be chosen to go through to the Burnout Masters finals, so the showdown on Day One of Summernats 35 will be hotly contested.

The quality of the list is top notch, with the likes of Phil Kerjean, Adrian Cuthbertson, Anthony Page, Brad Kilby, Adam Slorach and more all having multiple wins at big events to their name.

Our videographer extraordinare Peter Flint reckons fellow Western Australian Chris Orchard will be hard to beat in his VL dubbed THE OG.

“Chris is on a bit of a streak. He won Narrogin Revheads last weekend and Burnout Boss a few weeks before that.

And for the overall Masters, my money is on Dwane Pallentine in PEPER IT. He has won multiple comps over the last year or so.”


Paul Cook – GRUMP
Craig Meston – PINKY
Steven Cliff – WRANGA
Adam Slorach – NUMNUTZ
Owen Rice – FRIED
Steve Robson – SPOTTO57
Kev Davis – EPAWHO
Pete Thomsen – MY80XD
Kyle Priestly – FILTHV
Tim Barby – MOJO
Abbey Rich – SKD LUX
Ross Heasley – MRBADQ
Grahame Rowe – GAMBLE
Ben Simpson – SCUD
Greg Burkinshaw – HYPO ZJ
Gerard Fredrickson – FELONY
Jesse-Lee Smith – HELLBENT
Billy Seton – ONTICK
Shannon Heraud – TUF253
Darren Bromage – SMOKINU
Aaron Schilg – 2IMPRES
Justin Pitsikas – REFINED
Joe Tyler – IMATURE
Jesse Johnson – KILLAK
Chris Orchard – THE OG
Josh Rendall – CANFRY
Aiden Stampalia – WRECKAGE
Craig Bailey – IMPOSTER
Anthony Page – PAGEY
Adrian Cuthbertson – SKIDMA
Harry Seaman – HAZARD
Phil Kerjean – TUFFST