MotorEx 2022 unveils part two

Part two of our rundown on the new cars unveiled at Meguair's MotorEx today

Photographers: Shaun Tanner, Shawn McCann

Wayne Price HK Monaro

Today was our first chance to see Wayne’s much-anticipated Monaro in the flesh.

The brushed finished bodywork is just as good as promised and covered in a matt clear. And, it will remain that way, according to Wayne!

Power is provided by a 700+hp blown 427ci small block, nestled in a trick engine bay.

Neat twists on the factory interior include an 8000rpm tacho and 200mph speedo.

George Anthony Mustang

George Anthony is street machining royalty, having built one of the most-iconic Falcons of the orginal Pro Street era.

Now he’s back with an evil 1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet. And it is no mere restoration, its a hottie. The 428-4V was built by BK Race Engines, which is backed by a four-speed Top Loader.

The schmicko body and paint work was done by Trevor Davis Auto Refinishers with assembly and some trick touches and fabrication by Maskell’s Customs and Classics.

Lynda Rowe 1964 XM coupe

Sitting pretty in pink was Lynda Rowe’s ’64 XM Falcon coupe. All the fabrication, body and paint was done in house by Johnny Z’s, with power coming from an injected 351 Windsor.

The paint is a custom mix deal, the trim is wild and the car sitting nicely on a set of Rocket Igniters.

Ian Woods EH panel van

Ian Woods’s ‘La Catrina’ is EH van was built by Brad Pizzi and the team at Stripped Back Customs in Dubbo. The artwork and theme of the build is the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’, aka ‘Dia de los Meurtos’.

Powering the special van is an LS2, shifting through a 6L80E six-speed auto.

Rob Maggio LX hatch

We didn’t get a chance to catch up with Rob at this stage, but suffice to say that is hatch is a super-tough product of JT Performance in Sydney, who also brought along John Sadd’s brutal XY and iconic RX-3.

And like John’s XY, there is a Sonny’s mountain motor standing proudly through the bonnet.

Kevin Keays FX Holden

Kevin’s Keays bought this FX at the tender age of 15 back in 1976! He got distracted by an FJ build and the FX went into storage for a few decades as life presented other priorities.

In 2018, Kevin delivered the FX to Gary O’Brien at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars to complete the dream in pure 1970s mild custom style. Highlights include the flared guards, subtle two-tone style fade away paint and a trick pop-up fuel filler flap.

Robert Stevenson 1958 Corvette

Restomods were a bit of a theme of this years unveils, which included a 1958 Corvette build by Fuel Bespoke Designs.

A big part of moderning the early ‘Vette with the upgrade to a late model 535hp Gen V LT376 crate motor, mated to a six-speed auto that’s controlled with a Lokar electronic sports shifter.

The wheels are one off 18” EVOD items, and a closer look at the black paint will reveal a nice pearl fleck that really pops under the show hall lights.

Ian Allen 1939 Sloper

Ian Allen’s 1939 All Australian Sloper is an Australian-built 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe, being of just 52 built. Ian undertook a long build process with the sloper, and decided that he wanted to stay true to its Australian roots when choosing an engine.

That’s why the Sloper is rocking a 430hp VT-spec Holden V8 and the matching Getrag five-cog manual, rather than a SBC you’d usually see swapped into a build like this.

Other neat bits include Mustang independent suspension in the front and Kugel IRS with a Strange limited slip.

Glenn Chidgey 1941 Ford pickup

Glenn Chidgey rebuilt his 1941 Ford Pickup himself, the project 25 years in the making before the covers were pulled off at MotorEx.

The ’41 uses a 292ci Y block V8 and FMX transmission under the freshly painted body, while the interior trim was taken care of by Adrian at Kooltrim.

Dean Carmody ’56 Chev

Dean Carmody’s ’56 Chevy wagon cut a mean figure slammed on the ground, and the 525hp LS3 shoved between the chassis rails means it’s not just a show pony.

Neatly tucked underneath the tubs is a set of Weld rims, coming it at a solid 20×10 in the rear. The hue is a custom two-tone Mipa combo, with hand crafted alabastor leather trim and vintage air conditioning inside.

Rob Grbavac VK Calais

Again, we missed out on a chat with Rob today, but flick through the gallery and feast your eyes on the details of his mint VK. That trim!

Dave Ailey ’35 Ford Victoria

Dave Ailey’s ’35 Ford Victoria is claimed to be the only one in the country, and given the state it was in when he found it you could argue that there may as well have been none in the country.

The car has come a long way since Dave took it on and is still a work in progress, but the engine side of things has already been ticked off with a 400hp 350ci SBC built by Steve Bankuti. So far the bumpers and guards have been modified, along with a shortened grill 1940 Ford headlights. We can’t wait to see it finished!

Rob Rampton XY GTHO

Robert Rampton’s XY Phase III was unfortunately badly damaged during interstate transport in 2016 with a previous owner, but due to the significance of the vehicle it was properly repaired and restored to its original condition.

The reason the GTHO is so unique (besides being a genuine ‘HO) is because it’s the last XY GTHO ever built, and was also a Ford Executive’s car that is said to have also been the most highly optioned XY ‘HO in existence.

XW GTHO race car

Robert Rampton’s XW GTHO is a genuine Bathurst racer, which was specially ordered to competed in the 1970 Hardie Ferodo 500 with Ford Australia’s numero uno rally ace Bruce Hodgson behind the wheel in the Southern Motors sponsored machine.

Phew! I think we missed one or two, but it is time for bed! Come back for more MotorEx goodness tomorrow.