Dave Schroeder’s 1966 Chevrolet Corvette – Drag Week nitrous weapon

With 872 cubic inches and four stages of nitrous, Dave Schroeder's Corvette is one of the wildest street cars on earth

Videographers: Matt Reekie, Povi Pullinen, Luke Hunter

WHEN Canadian Dave Schroeder won Hot Rod Drag Week last year in his 1966 Corvette, it was the first time a nitrous-assisted car had won the event since 2007. And he did it with an average ET of 6.8136-seconds.

This year, Dave finished second overall behind Tom Bailey’s Camaro, but he seemed very happy to have finished an event held in such crazy weather conditions without any dramas.

In the video, Dave takes us through some of the development needed to get a car like this competitive at the pointy end of Drag Week competition. And we learn a few surprising things; including that the body is a factory Vette item from the firewall back. 

The engine is a 872-cube Reher Morrison item, prepared for Drag Week duties by Ken’s Custom Auto and wearing four Monte Smith nitrous kits. 

Dave’s average this year was 7.017-seconds and may well have been better if Dave had a chance to make more runs on Day One. So cool to see such a fast nitrous street car.