Drag Week Day Five highlights 2018

Our final video and gallery wrap-up from Hot Rod Drag Week 2018

Photographers: Povi Pullinen

ATLANTA Dragway fired up early for Day Five of Drag Week as exhausted entrants prepared themselves for one last blast down the dragstrip. Atlanta lived up to its reputation as Hot-lanta with the mercury pushing way north of 35 degrees. Everyone thought the temperatures on Monday were bad, but today was worse.

At the top end of the field there was a three way fight between three-time winner Tom Bailey (Camaro), Bryant Goldstone (Javelin) and last year’s winner, David Schroeder (Corvette). After day four, there was only a tenth between them Bailey and Goldstone, with Schroeder just four-hundredths further back.

Goldstone was the first of the three to hit the track in Atlanta, but the Javelin was running on seven cylinders and could only manage a 7.41 at 192mph, and that wasn’t going to cut it. Dave Schroeder came out an hour later and was looking good until the Corvette headed for the centreline and the Canadian had to pedal it; 6.98 at 201 was enough to push past Goldstone.

The question was what would Tom Bailey do? Was his engine more damaged than they let on? Tom hit the track two cars later and the question was answered with a 6.76 at 214mph, putting the Camaro squarely in front again.

Goldstone was out of a picture; Schroeder was only one who could challenge Bailey now and they faced off in one last heads up pairing. The Corvette launched first and smoked the tyres at which point Bailey didn’t even bother to run it out the back down; the trophy was his.

Stay tuned for more features on some of our favourite cars of Drag Week 2018 in the coming days.