Video: Aussie Chevelle returns for Hot Rod Drag Week 2022

The Haulass Garage lads are back in the States to reunite with an old friend


Stevo is back in action! After a few years away from the States, Harry and Corty Haig (with mate Rich in tow) have returned to the US to get the twin-turbo Chevelle ready for a crack at Hot Rod Drag Week 2022, which kicks off on Sunday, September 18.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stevo (AKA the Aussie Chevelle), Harry pulled it from an American paddock back in 2016, before dropping in a motorhome-sourced big block with a couple of turbos to take on Drag Week. It’s an epic tale you’ll find chronicled on our YouTube channel.

Fast forward to the last few days, and the boys have flown into San Francisco to pull the car out of storage and document everything on their Haulass Garage YouTube channel, starting with a long-overdue service and general welfare check.

The crew then headed to Customs by Bigun in North Carolina for some new turbo piping, which should help eliminate airflow restriction in the hunt for 8.5-second ETs. The 540-cuber sips pump fuel on the road and switches to E85 from a front-mounted tank at the track.

The rest of the driveline is a Gear Vendors-equipped Powerglide, with a 3.7-geared nine-inch out the back.

Keep an eye out for cameos from Roadkill’s eight-second ‘Blasphemi’ ‘55 Chev gasser, too. There will be heaps more Haulass action soon as the trio gears up to take on Drag Week.

Today’s installment features final fit-up work, bonnet chopping, E85 tuning, engine knock diagnosing, and more — not to mention the Aussies sampling some good old American hospitality in the form of guns and Waffle House!

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