Jarrad Scott’s blown Hemi-powered 1962 Ford Ranchero gasser

We chat with the Jarrad Scott - winner of the crazy A/GAS class a Hot Rod Drag Week 2018

Photographers: Povi Pullinen
Videographers: Matt Reekie

EVEN if Jarrad’s Scott’s 1966 Ranchero was powered by a bog-stock 289 Windsor, we’d be all over it like a rash. The stance, the paint and the signage are all bang-on for a 60s style, straight-axle equipped gasser. But then tell us that the car completed Hot Rod Drag Week 2018 with a 9.16-second and 149mph average and our minds are blown! 

The ute was previously campaigned by Dennis Taylor, with big block Chev power and primer paint. Dennis won the A/FX class at Drag Week 2014 and Jarrad took over the car the next year. 

Jarrad treated the car to a complete rebuild chassis and driveline-wise, with Dennis Taylor Hot Rods swinging the spanners. The Chev was replaced by a 540ci Hemi, based on an Indy block. On top is a Blower Shop supercharger and a Hilborn injection stack – controlled by a Holley EFI system. Power? A lazy 1200hp! 

Jarrad ran the car at last year’s Drag Week in primer, but turned up this year with that fantastic period-style paint scheme. Not only that, but he claimed victory in the A/GAS class. Check out the video to learn a little of how he did it.